14 Girly Activities Guys Love You To Drag Them To

November 8, 2013  |  
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Don’t feel too guilty next time your guy is grunting about you dragging him to these places or activities; he’s just doing that so the other guys don’t make fun of him. Deep down, guys are thrilled when they finally have an excuse to do these so-called girly activities.

Bars with only fruity drinks

You don’t think the cinnamon grapefruit spicy margarita sounds good to your guy? He’s not oblivious to delicious flavor combinations. He knows all of those ingredients are amazing. But he’s never allowed to order that drink if there’s a beer list on the menu too! But when you take your guy to a bar that only makes specialty cocktails, well, he has no choice really…


Bed, Bath and Beyond

When they were little boys men were allowed to kick and scream about going to Bed, Bath and Beyond because they knew that at the end of the day, they could count on their mom picking them up a new bathroom rug or warmer set of sheets for winter, no matter what. But once a guy is grownup, he still totally needs and wants those comforting items! But without a girlfriend, he is forced to go to home goods stores alone, without the buffer of a girlfriend on his arm.

The grocery store

Some deeply imbedded caveman instinct in men says that it’s “girly” to go on a full on grocery store trip. Guys usually stop in, grab fried chicken from the deli section and maybe a tub of pre-made soup, and head out. But in reality, of course they want a stocked kitchen! And with a girlfriend, they have someone else to push the cart around with the un-manly groceries in it.

(Some) chick flicks

Not the chickiest of them all—for example any with an all-girl cast or starring Channing Tatum—but some chick flicks, men enjoy. If there are equal numbers of male and female leads, your boyfriend learns something from the movie too!

The hairdresser

Men like to look good, but they are never allowed to admit they would spend more than $20 on a haircut, or over 20 minutes at the hair salon. Or even go to a salon as opposed to a barber in the first place! But if their girlfriend drags them along to her appointment, and suggests they get a haircut while they’re there, they get a get-out-of-jail free card, and a really nice haircut.



Most of the best looking men’s clothes are in stores that men are not allowed to go into. Pretty much any brand that makes both men and women’s clothes takes on the reputation as being a “woman’s clothing brand that also happens to make men’s clothing,” and men feel locked out. But they have some of the most flattering clothes! So your guy secretly loves it when you drag him into your stores.

Magazine stands

Men care just as much about their favorite football player’s divorce, or vacation house, as you care about your favorite actress’ divorce or vacation house. Of course, those details are only printed in the “girly” magazines. Which your guy gets to peruse when you make him wait for you while you pick out your gossip publications for the week.

Outdoor concerts

Concerts on the pier, on the beach, in a park, at the botanical gardens…one man is not allowed to ask another man to go to these. But it’s usually great music, in a beautiful and peaceful setting. What’s not to love?


Men are supposed to move at two speeds: totally stagnant on the couch, or hitting the gym aggressively. A walk, where you have time to reflect on your day, and pay attention to the scenery, falls into “girly” land. But men love a good walk too.

Dog parks

It’s totally acceptable for men to love dogs, but for some reason it’s considered girly for men to go to dog parks! Perhaps they believe dogs are supposed to be lone ranger types that don’t need play dates and socializing. But the truth is, men love being stampeded by a dozen dogs, ready to kiss and cuddle them. And where else are they going to get that?


Yoga feels amazing on the human body—and that applies to all humans. It stretches your muscles out in an amazing way, can provide a great workout, and is highly relaxing. But let’s face it: most yoga classes are 80% female. The 20% are the boyfriends dragged there. And they love it.


Kid’s birthday parties

You know that when your friend invites you to her kid’s third birthday party, you offer your boyfriend a dozen favors in return just for going with you. But don’t let his eye rolling get to you: guys find little kids just as adorable and entertaining as we do.

Healthy restaurants

A man cannot order the seared salmon salad when he’s out with his friends. And if he does order it, it’s probably the one healthy item on the menu if it’s a restaurant picked out by men. Men are often pressured into eating fattier foods than they actually want to, to keep up appearances with their friends. So they love when you take them to the organic, farm-to-table restaurant and they “have no choice” but to eat healthy.



Massages, swimming pools, rolling green hills, foot rubs, amazing smells everywhere…what’s not to love? Men have all the same five senses women have, and understand just as well what a delight spas are. But a man would probably be exiled from his group of friends if he went solo to a spa.

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