The Rules Of Bathroom Etiquette For Couples

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When you’re living with a boyfriend or a significant other, one of the most sacred places in the house is the bathroom, and if there is any room that may cause some controversy, it’s this one. Some people expect total privacy in the bathroom while others are more open about what goes on inside those four walls. In any event, there’s some definite rules to follow when it comes to the bathroom. Here are 14 bathroom etiquette rules for couples living together.

Knock before entering

So your boyfriend is in the bathroom and you really need your hair dryer. One of the worst things you can do is to just barge in while your partner is doing his business. Privacy is important here, and if you’re dying for your hairbrush, try being patient, or ask your man to pass it to you while your eyes are closed and the door is open.

Close the door

No matter if you’ve been dating for months or years, it’s common courtesy to close the door when you go into the bathroom to do your business. There’s no need to leave the door wide open just because. Until you know whether or not your partner does or doesn’t have an open door policy, it’s best to close it rather than keep it open.

Use the air freshener

No matter how much you try to convince yourself differently, no one smells like flowers after using the bathroom. While the smell may not be a huge bother to you, it definitely isn’t a pleasant one. Use the air freshener and move along; at least things will smell a bit better.

Don’t steal each other’s stuff

His razor is at the sink and yours is in the closet, so you’re of course tempted to just use his. However, when it comes to personal items, it’s best to use what’s yours and for your man to use what’s his. Things can get super annoying when you run out of the lotion that he decided to use or when his expensive razor no longer works well because you dulled the blades by using it on your legs.

Clean up after yourself

There’s nothing worse than a cluttered bathroom. Don’t leave your makeup all over the sink counter and make sure that you clean up any hair out of the sink that has fallen out. The same goes for your man. Make sure that his razors and other products aren’t just laying around the bathroom taking up space.

Don’t talk about it

No one, not even your man, wants to know what you just did in the bathroom. Unless he, for some reason, asks, it’s best to keep these things private. No matter how relieved you felt after the fact, cherish the moment and keep the happiness to yourself. There’s nothing Hot about talking about your action in the bathroom.

Don’t flush when someone is in the shower

This is pretty obvious, but we’re all guilty of it. Maybe your full bathroom with a shower is on a different level than the one you used, and you flushed, and realized that you probably killed the water pressure for your man. Be mindful when you or your man are in the shower.

Replace the toilet paper when it’s gone

This is one of the biggest bathroom pet peeves for a lot of people. Once you’ve used the last bit of toilet paper, replace it! There’s nothing worse than going into the bathroom only to realize that there is no toilet paper to use. It’s frustrating to say the least. Make sure your man does the same as well.

Don’t hog the bathroom

You two have a big night out and you’ve decided that you have to do your hair and your makeup, which can take an hour or more from start to finish. If this is the only bathroom in the house, try not to hog it. This also goes for leaving your personal items in the bathroom and leaving no room for your man. The bathroom belongs to you and him, not just you.


This is another rule on the list that seems pretty obvious, but some people, men and women, just seem to not want to flush sometimes! Maybe the flush didn’t take the first time or maybe you forgot to flush because you were in a rush. There’s is nothing cool about finding someone else’s left overs when you walk into the bathroom. Flush. Flush twice if you really need to.

Pick clothes up off the floor

Before you hop into the shower, it’s likely that you put your clothes on the bathroom floor. Instead of leaving them there all night, be sure to put them in a hamper. Having clothes all over the bathroom floor is a nuisance, to say the least. No one wants to see you or your man’s dirty undies!

Clean off the splatter

Splatter in the bathroom just happens. A lot of the time water gets on the counter and the mirror or toothpaste leaves little splatter marks on the mirror. Instead of letting water build up, clean it up when it happens. Make sure your man follows suit.

Seat problems

When you live with a man, one of the bathroom issues that you’re bound to face is with your man leaving the toilet seat up. Us women know how annoying this habit can be. Make sure that you tell your man to put the seat down, and hopefully he starts listening.

Leave your phone out of it

There’s nothing more awkward than going into the bathroom with your phone in hand. No matter what you’re doing on your phone while in the bathroom, the whole situation can be a bit odd, especially for your partner. There’s really no need to make a call or to text while in the bathroom. It can wait!

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