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Don’t believe the people with caveman day ideas about men being totally fearless; it’s just as scary for a man to say “I love you” for the first time as it is for a woman. You might be used to waiting for the man to say it first, but if you find yourself with a man who you know might be leaving that up to you, you need to know when the time is right so that those words come as a gift, instead of a burden.

He always sees your side

When you’re upset about a disagreement with someone, or a way in which you feel you’ve been wronged, he always sees your side of things and reiterates how he understands how you might feel.


He wants to make your day better

When you tell him you’ve had a rough day, he doesn’t feel settled until he’s made it better by taking you to dinner, or cooking you your favorite meal or renting your favorite movie. He considers your happiness his responsibility.

He’s interested in what you say

When you speak, he immediately stops what he’s doing, turns his chair towards you, looks you in the eye and clearly wants to take in everything you say. He wants to get to know everything about you, and know everything that’s happening with you.

He’s always smiling

Whenever he’s around you, he’s smiling for no apparent reason. He looks like a puppy dog greeting his owner when you show up. He lights up in your presence and little things don’t bother him like food that’s taking too long or traffic.

He’s constantly complimenting you

He’ll interrupt you to tell you how adorable your nose is, or ask if you changed your hair. If you wake him up getting up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night, he mumbles how pretty you look. He can’t not say something when he looks at you.

He plays nurse

When you’re even the tiniest bit sick, he calls you every morning to see if you need anything before he goes to work, and checks on you throughout the day, and nurses you every night.


He asks you to play nurse

When he is sick, or even just feeling down, you’re the first person he calls. He tells you your presence calms him. He needs you and you always make him feel better.


His friends are very welcoming to you

His friends have always been friendly, but recently when they see you, they give you big hugs and ask you lots about yourself. He probably told them he loves you…

He brags about you

Around other people, he can’t shut up about your accomplishments—from the tiny to the monumental.

He wants your opinion

On furniture in his apartment, clothes he buys, a haircut, a job opportunity, a dog he wants to adopt…this shows he plans on keeping you around in the future.


He cares about your happiness over his

He insists that you guys eat at the restaurant you want to eat at, and watch the movie you want to watch, and see the friends you want to see. He says that making you happy makes him happy.

He makes little gestures

He buys you toothpaste because he noticed you’re out, or surprises you at your office with lunch when he knows you’re too busy to grab food that day, or takes your car in for an oil change while you’re away.


He stares at you a few extra seconds

Whenever you share a good moment—like a laugh, or an intimate exchange—he holds your gaze a few moments longer than usual. The “L word” is on the tip of his tongue.

He says it!

For the love of love, when he says it, say it back! This isn’t a time to worry about being vulnerable; he just made himself so vulnerable!

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