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I always look at women with buzz cuts as extremely bold and beautiful, mostly because I don’t have the courage to chop my hair off to such a low cut. And probably because I don’t trust my bald head to be so smooth and well…bump-free. So let’s just say I live vicariously through the following beauties, who look or have looked absolutely fabulous with their buzz cuts over the years. And maybe they’ll even give you the courage to try something new with your hair too…

Noemie Lenoir

The beauty we know best from Rush Hour 3, who is also a gorgeous French model, chopped her curly coif off years back, and even showed it off in the film (to the shock and damn near horror of Chris Tucker’s character). Lenoir even took it a step further when she dyed the look beach blonde. But the above look, widow’s peak and all, we like best!

Natalie Portman

For her role in the film V for Vendetta, the actress shaved off her brunette locks. But without those locks we got to see that Portman has gorgeous bone structure, and the cut allowed her eyes to pop. And may I add, it also made her a beauty that stood out from all the rest of the carbon copy Hollywood ladies.

Demi Moore

Soon after using her long black locks to amp up the sex appeal for the film Striptease (terrible movie by the way), Demi Moore shaved her hair off, on her own, for the intense Ridley Scott film G.I. Jane. She played the main character of Lieutenant Jordan O’Neil, a determined woman trying to survive a rigorous Naval training program. She wanted to prove she was down with the boys, so she said down with the hair. And it looked great on her!

Aisha Hinds

A very underrated actress (who you’ve probably seen in True BloodDesperate Housewives, and currently on the CBS show, Under The Dome), Hinds has been rocking a buzz cut from the very beginning. She’s always kept it clean and close, and as you can see, cute.

Amber Rose

Since the day we first saw Amber Rose arm and arm with Kanye (or for those who’ve been following her even earlier when she was dancing in Ludacris’ “What Them Girls Like“), she has been been killing the game with her blonde buzz cut. So much so that we can’t imagine the new Mrs. Khalifa (aka, Mrs. Thomaz) without the look.

Jessie J

The British singer known for her popular songs “Price Tag” and “Domino” came on the scene with a sleek black bob and choppy thick bangs. But she shocked all of her fans when she ditched that bold look for an even more eye-popping style–a blonde bob that she decorates with a bright red lip. While we were bigger fans of the bob, the buzz cut definitely stood out on the beauty.

Erykah Badu

Ms. Badu has basically done everything with her hair over the years (some styles have been debated as fake, but only she knows for sure). That includes locs, a blonde bob, braids, a mohawk, and of course, this crisp buzz cut above. And once it started growing out a bit more, Badu dyed the cut bright green and still looked absolutely fabulous.

Danai Gurira

One of my absolute favorite actresses these days, Gurira, who plays bada** Michonne on The Walking Dead, has been a standout beauty with her low buzz cut. And while her most famous character rocks a head full of locs (that could absolutely use a retwisting), she looks her best without all of that hair.

Grace Jones

What can I say about Grace Jones? She’s THE ultimate diva, and whether she’s rocking a high-top fade or doing a buzz cut (with what looks like a colorful part in it…), she’s always fierce. And the short cut definitely helped with her androgynous persona.

Willow Smith

Let’s just say Willow took a note out of her mom’s book and decided that a short cut could be less trouble and even more fun. Last year the pre-teen ditched all her kiddie styles for a more grown yet flattering cut (to the chagrin of people who asked what parent would let a child cut all their hair off). And yet she still managed to keep the cut child-like by coloring it green and pink from time to time.

Chrisette Michele

Over the last few years, Chrisette Michele has changed up her looks big time, and by big time, we mean big chop. Around the release of her album Let Freedom Reign, she ditched relaxers for a more…relaxed cut, and we loved it! Since then, Michele has gone even more creative with her looks, including getting a blonde high-top fade with a razor-cut part. Now that’s chic!


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