Low Down! Most Scandalous Mistresses of Yesteryear

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Mistresses have been around as long as marriage. But these women have managed to make mistress history with their scandalous behavior. Their illicit relationships made headlines, changed the course of history and turned them into millionaires over night.

Elizabeth Taylor

Liz Taylor was almost as well known for stealing husbands as she was for acting. When she met husbands Eddie Fisher and Richard Burton, they were both still married. Rumor has it that she also had sex with President Kennedy and President Nixon — when she was just 15 years old.

Barbara Walters

Barbara Walters had a long, steamy affair with married black US Senator Edward Brooke. She kept mum about the affair for years — until she needed a little juice to sell her memoir “Auditions.” Rumor also has it that she had an affair with George Steinbrenner, married owner of the New York Yankees.

Alejandra Oaziaza

Alejandra may be the biggest Jackson groupie in history. Alejandra has two children with Randy Jackson and three kids with Jermaine Jackson. First she had Randy’s daughter Genevieve Katherine in 1989 — the same year he married his wife Eliza Shaffy. She had his second child, Steven Randall, Jr., in 1991 — a year after Eliza gave birth to her daughter Steveanna. She married Jermaine and had three kids with him a few years later, but since she was still married to her first husband at the time, it doesn’t count in the eyes of the law.

Ava Gardner

Actress Ava Gardner was just about as busy as mistresses get. First, she met married multi-millionaire Howard Hughes and continued to string his wallet along during her subsequent affairs. A few years later, she made the headlines again for dating Frank Sinatra and Robert Mitchum at the same damn time. Both men were married at the time. When they found out, Robert told her to kick rocks but Frank married her. She returned the favor by cheating on him with several different men.

Lucy Mercer

Lucy Mercer started out as Eleanor Roosevelt’s secretary in 1914. By 1916, Lucy and President Roosevelt were involved in an an affair so hot and heavy that Eleanor discovered it in 1918. The president swore he’d leave Lucy alone, but they continued to date in secret for most of their lives — even after Lucy met and married another man.

Lola Montez

Lola Montez is one of the world’s most notorious husband thieves. Lola started her career in 1846 as a stripper who caught eye of (married) King Ludwig I of Bavaria. King Ludwig loved her so much, he made her the Countess de Landsfeldt and kept giving her a hefty allowance even after she left him. A few years later, Lola made the news again by marrying two men at the same time. The scandal was so huge that she had to flee Europe to avoid bigamy charges. But that didn’t stop Lola. She went on to leave her husbands and travel the world to become a notorious husband thief, intellectual and writer. This woman is so infamous that it’s said the song, “Whatever Lola Wants,” was inspired by her.

Camilla Parker Bowles

Camilla changed the course of English History when she started dating Prince Charles — while he was still married to Princess Diana. The world got wind of the affair in 1993 when the press leaked a conversation between the two where Prince Charles said he wanted to be Camilla’s tampon just to be that much closer to her. The news scandal was the straw that broke Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s marriage. Camilla and Charles’ affair continued, even after Diana’s death and the two married in 2005 and are still together.

Anne Boleyn

King Henry VIII was so infatuated with his mistress Anne Boleyn that when she demanded to marry him, he created the Anglican Church of England and changed Christian history just so he could divorce his wife and marry her. Unfortunately for Anne, her plan backfired. Shortly after she became the queen of England, King Henry had her beheaded (after accusing her of having affairs with a number of men, including her brother).

Marion Davies

Marion Davies’ affair with married newspaper tycoon and filmmaker William Randolph Hearst was so scandalous, it inspired the movie Citizen Kane. You know the famous “rosebud” they refer to in the movie? That was Hearst’s nickname for a certain lady part of Marion Davies’. Their affair scandalized the tabloids — and Hearst’s wife — for over 40 years. But Marion didn’t care. Hearst funded her film career, showered her with money and gifts and even built her a castle.

Wallis Simpson

Prince Charles wasn’t the only royal to have an affair. Back in the 1930s, King Edward VIII abdicated the throne so he could marry divorced American Wallis Simpson. That wasn’t the smartest move on Edward’s part. Turns out, Wallis was just using him to learn state secrets that she passed on to her Nazi boyfriend in hopes of helping Hitler win.

Soon-Yi Previn

Actress Mia Farrow adopted Soon-Yi Previn from Korea in 1978 when she was around 5 years old. A few years later, Soon-Yi returned the favor by sleeping with Mia’s husband (and her adoptive father). We don’t know when the affair started, but we do know that Mia Farrow found nude photos of Soon-Yi in Woody’s posession in 1992 — when Soon-Yi was 22 and Woody was 56. Soon after the discovery, Woody and Mia divorced and Woody and Soon-Yi got married.

Diane de Poitiers

Diane de Poitiers is one of the world’s most powerful mistresses. Back in the 16th century, she taught and helped raised King Francois I’s young son Henri II. After he was married, she started sleeping with him. And once he assumed the throne, she ruled the country from behind the scenes. Her reign only ended after Henri died and his real wife confiscated Catherine’s chateau and banished her to the countryside.

Virginia Hill

Virginia Hill was the Supahead of her day. She was the official mistress of the mob, and had affairs with Al Capone, Benny Siegel, Frank Nitti and Joe Adonis. When asked why mobsters loved her so much — during a public trial — Virginia said it was because she gave the best head in the world.

Carrie Phillips

Carrie Phillips was the Monica Lewinsky of her day. She was a longtime mistress of President Warren G. Harding. But once the Republican Party got wind of the affair, she didn’t testify in court. Instead, she blackmailed party leaders for traveling money and a stipend for life in exchange for her silence. Carrie (and her husband) and President Harding (and his wife) continued to see each other socially and vacation together while Carrie and President Harding snuck off for secret trysts.


Marilyn Monroe

President Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe’s relationship is one of the most famous mistress scandals in modern history. Rumor has it that Marilyn’s breathy version of “Happy Birthday” in 1962 was what started their hot and steamy affair. The world doesn’t know many of the details of their dalliances, but people are still talking about it 50 years later.

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