I Always Thought You’d Marry So And So And Other Annoying Things People Say When You Get Married

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After getting married, you and your husband are probably on Cloud 9, and rightfully so. However, there will always be those people you come across who, sometimes unknowingly, are stealing your happiness because of their annoying and outright stupid questions and thoughts. Here are 14 really annoying things that people say when you’re married. If you’re not already married, prepare yourself for these in the future!

When are you having kids?

First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes the baby carriage, right? A lot of people often assume that right after getting married, the couple is looking to have children. Prepare yourself to be asked this question numerous times by many different people. If you’re not ready for children, don’t feel inclined. Go out, travel, and enjoy the world. Children can happen when you and your husband are ready.

Do you know how high divorce statistics are?

While you’re the happiest you’ve ever been in your life, there are always those people who are ready and willing to knock you down a few notches. Though you’d rather not be reminded of it, prepare yourself for at least one person to talk about the high statistics of divorce in today’s society. Don’t let these comments deter you. Marriage is what you make it.

How’s the old ball and chain?

In the beginning, hearing yourself or your husband be referred to as the “old ball and chain” can be a bit funny. But, as time goes on, the saying gets really old, and extremely annoying. If you feel inclined to reply, tell these annoying people that things are going well and say nothing more. This person is clearly just trying to pull your strings.

Have fun with a non-existent sex life

Another assumption that a lot of people make in regards to a couple that just got married is that their sex life is on the decline, immediately. While this may be true of some couples, it isn’t true for everyone. No one says that your sex life and the physical side of your relationship has to die out once you get married. This is another comment worth ignoring.

I always thought you’d marry so and so

This kind of comment is one you’ll hear from an old friend or family member who you haven’t stayed in touch with recently. Before you met your fiance and got married, it’s likely that you had a serious relationship or two, and you of course seemed utterly head over heels in love. Don’t feel the need to give an explanation to these types of comments.

You didn’t take his last name, did you?

You’ll usually get this question from coworkers and people who you aren’t extremely close to.  They’ll either try to feminist-shame you or shade the last name of your new hubby. In any case, be prepared to hear all sorts of questions and comments in regards to your choice of taking, not taking, or hyphenating your surname.

Welcome to the miserable club

No two marriages are the same. You’ll have some friends who have amazing marriages and then you’ll have others who have horrible marriages that could probably end at the blow of a whistle. When others welcome you into the marriage club, and do so with a negative connotation, remember that a marriage is what you make of it. Don’t let anyone’s negative experiences ruin what you have.

Are you still working?

For some women, getting married means that they lose some of their individuality, which often includes a career. This is an old-fashioned thought and rarely, nowadays, do you find that women are getting married and then quitting their jobs. Stay true to the professional and career-oriented side of yourself.

I bet you miss the single life

People who have never been married don’t know the happiness that this type of bond and relationship brings. You’ll run into all sorts of naysayers who believe that marriage is one of the worst things in life and that in time, you’ll miss being the single woman that you once were. Tell them some positives about being married, deny their comment, and move on.

Can you still go out without your husband?

Some people seem to think that now that you’re married, your own life goes out the window. You’ll have people who believe that you can’t hang out with them anymore because you’re married. Make sure that you, and your closest friends know, that you still have a life aside from being a wife.

Why are you still dressing to impress?

Along with comments on whether or not your husband approves of what you wear before you leave work, you’re also destined to get questions as to why you’re still dressing so nicely, now that you’re married. Who says you have to become a plain Jane just because you’ve found your soulmate?

Are you done with your crazy dieting?

If you’re like most brides, you slimmed down for your wedding in order to look the best you ever have, and to feel beautiful in your overall wedding day look. So if you’ve lost some pounds before the wedding, you probably did it with exercise and watching what you eat, and more than likely, you were strict. Don’t let anyone else question whether or not you’re still living healthier or not.

He’ll be a good first husband

Pessimists are everywhere. If you ever hear someone tell you that your now husband will make a good first husband, don’t let it get to you. This person more than likely knows nothing about your relationship and has no say in what your marriage will turn out to be like. Plan on your husband being your only husband, and things will turn out fine.

Your husband let you wear that?

Some people think that being married means you have absolutely no privacy or say in what you do with your life anymore. You’ll more than likely get comments asking if your husband let you wear that, or if he let you buy this. Remind yourself, and others, that personal freedoms aren’t gone just because you have a ring on your finger and a husband by your side.

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