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So you’re head over heels for this guy, but he’s not giving you any type of sign that he remotely has any of the same feelings that you do. While you can’t force him to like you, you can at least make sure he knows you exist — and likes what he sees. Here’s how.

Know that you can’t control his emotions

Before you start the process of trying to win a guy over, be very clear and understand that you can’t control his emotions. While you can give this whole thing your best effort, there is nothing that says in the end he will like you. Make sure that you have your head on right and know that you can’t change how he feels about it, and that his emotions are solely controlled by himself.

Be confident

All guys find confident women attractive. Before you approach this guy,and when you do, be sure that your confidence is at an all-time high. There’s nothing more attractive and even sexay to a man than a woman who is plenty self-aware and has plenty of self-esteem. Of course, you don’t want to go overboard, because too much confidence can easily be taken as cockiness.

Spark a conversation

It’s hard to get someone to like you if you don’t become a bit more personal. Spark up a conversation when the time is right and see where things go. A simple hello won’t do. Try to really engage this guy if you’re seriously looking to catch his interest and stick in his mind. Find something meaningful to talk about and let the words flow. He’ll more than likely be quite impressed.

Flirt with him

Flirting is another huge part of getting a man to become interested in you. Simply put, he won’t know that you’re interested unless you start telling him, or at least showing him. You don’t have to go overboard with the flirting. You can drop subtle hints here and there and see how he reacts to them. Harmless flirting can be a huge attraction for some guys. Just don’t appear to be desperate.

Make it known that you’re single

Most men like knowing that the woman who is flirting with them is available. It makes the situation much easier to deal with when he knows that you’re single. Find a way to let him know that you are most definitely available. This ties along with flirting in the fact that you don’t want to seem overly desperate and needy.

Dress to impress

To further compliment your already existing confidence, why not dress yourself up in your best outfits, especially when you know you’ll be around this guy? Dress to impress, and his eyes are sure to notice you, without a doubt. Just be aware of the fine line between dressing nicely and dressing a bit too risque. Be sure that you look nice and feel beautiful, but don’t go out there flaunting your body.

Try to make him laugh

Humor and laughter do a lot of good, especially if you’re looking to draw a guy into you. Men definitely like a woman who is lighthearted and full of all sorts of funny stories and jokes. This doesn’t mean that you need to laugh at absolutely everything, nor do you need to spout out cheesy jokes. Instead, let your inner humorous side come out. He’ll definitely give you some brownie points for it.

Start with being friends

Rarely will you find a guy who is willing, let alone wanting, to jump into a full blown relationship. Give yourself some time to open up to him and show him who you really are. Definitely try being friends first and then go from there. Keep things on a friends-only level, and see if you even really like him as a person.

Stay a bit of a mystery

Not telling your whole life story to a guy right off the bat is probably a good idea, especially if you want to keep him interested in you. Instead, tell him little details about yourself here and there. It’s always nice to keep a bit of mystery surrounding you. This way when he’s interested, he’ll hopefully continue to stay interested because he always wants to know more.

Make eye contact and smile

You have beautiful eyes, so why not use them to your advantage? To really get a guy to notice you and become interested in you, make eye contact as much as possible, even if it makes you blush! He’ll think it’s cute. Along with eye contact, be sure to smile. Smiling makes you seem much more approachable.

Smell good

This may seem kind of random, but some men are true suckers for a woman who smells and dresses really nicely. However, this doesn’t mean that you should go home and take a bath in your favorite perfume. Instead, make sure that you smell good all over, and that you definitely have a unique fragrance that will catch his eyes.

Be yourself

There’s no need to put on a front when you’re trying to get a man to notice and become interested in you. There’s nothing worse than a woman who puts on the dumb and ditzy act, thinking that it’s cute. Instead, leave the facades behind and just focus on being yourself. You’ll find that things are a lot less stressful when you’re able to be who you really are.

Innocent touching

A man will most definitely notice when you touch him. The key here is to ensure that the touching is completely innocent. Maybe grab his shoulder or playfully poke him. Though it seems silly, men always notice and remember when a woman has touched him in some way, even if it was completely innocent. It’s memorable to him.

Don’t rush it

Being patient is one of the most important parts of getting a guy to hopefully become interested in you. It won’t happen overnight and it probably won’t happen in a few days. Give it time and don’t be quick to rush things. Let things blossom, even if it does take some time. In this instance, time is on your side.

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