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We’ve got some bad news. Not all of our childhood crushes lived up to our expectations. Once upon a time, we were young enough to crush on any boy with a pretty smile. But not all of those pretty boys got better with age. So check out our list and be glad that you never married Romeo in middle school like you planned.

Jason Weaver

Remember The Jacksons: An American Dream? We all had such a crush on little Michael. But fast forwards a few years later, and Jason Weaver’s starting to look a little rough around the edges. Good thing he can still act.

Tahj Mowry

When we first caught little Tahj Mowry on Full House and Sister, Sister we were like “Wow, The Mowry’s make some beautiful babies.” But the last time we checked, Tahj hadn’t blossomed like his sisters — maybe we just can’t get over the fact that he still looks like a little boy.

Tevin Campbell

What happened to Tevin Campbell, ya’ll? The years have not been kind to one of our favorite teen idols. I blame stress. He did ruin his career after getting caught soliciting an undercover adult worker. That’ll put some worry lines on your face.

Malcolm Jamal Warner

I blame teenage hormones and the 80’s for our collective crush on Malcolm Jamal Warner. Looking at him is like trying to re-watch your favorite childhood movie and finding out it wasn’t as funny as you thought — because you’re not 13 anymore. Oh well, all teenage crushes have to grow up some time.

Macaulay Culkin

All of Hollywood was excited for little Macaulay to grow up. He was cute as a button, charismatic and a power house of a little actor. But then he grew up. And today, Macaulay looks so…odd, that people are starting to wonder if he has drug problems.

Kenny Blank

Remember Michael from The Parent ‘Hood? We know more than a few girls who had a big crush on him because of his looks and his intelligence. Today, Kenny’s more likely to pull the ladies who value intelligence over looks. He may not look the same, but he’s busy directing films and now goes by Kenn Michael.

Brandon Quintin Adams

If you would have asked me, at the height of my Brandon Quinton Adams crush, what my future husband would look like in his 30s, this isn’t what I would have guessed. Don’t you think he looks a little prematurely old for 33?

Joey Lawrence

Joey Lawrence held on to his appeal for a while. But can we take a minute to talk about this picture? Am I the only one who’s not a fan of his new image? He needs to leave Ryan Seacrest’s stylist alone or go ahead and chill on the makeup, plastic surgery, or whatever it is that has him looking so…non Joey Lawrence-ish


When I was a kid, I thought that Romeo was the most beautiful boy that I’d ever seen. Now he’s just average looking. And I can’t even watch Immature’s old videos anymore. Bet you can’t get through Never Lie without feeling like a dirty old woman.

Deon Richmond

We should blame Hollywood for letting us fall out of love with Deon. Deon Richmond’s personality was what made us fall in love with Bud — not pretty boy looks. But since that iconic character, Deon has had trouble finding good roles that would let us fall in like again.

Haley Joel Osment

Poor Haley. He was one of the cutest little boys Hollywood had ever seen. The odds were against him going anywhere but down.

Marcus Paulk

Remember thinking, “when he grows into those ears/that head, he’ll be cute.” Well here you have it.

Steven Anthony Lawrence

Remember this kid from Even Stevens and That’s So Raven? Even if you don’t, you probably remember his internet fame. When pictures of grown-up Steven hit the web, almost every blog on the web had some shade to throw about the way his looks turned out.

Michael Fishman

The years have been hard on D.J. Conner. Can you believe that Michael Fishman is only 31?

Marquise Wilson

These two dudes look like they don’t even know each other. If this brother stopped you on the street and told you he was bud from Hanging’ with Mr. Cooper, you’d ask to see ID.

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