Our Favorite Dance Movies That Make Us Want To Cut A Rug!

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Pop, lock, dip and stop – now drop it like it’s hot! You know what I’m talking about – those movies with the Swizz beats and feet-flying folk that make you want to jump up out of your seat and shake it fast. From back in the day to present times, big screen films have lured us to the theaters to watch in amazement as stars sail through the air gracefully or break into a spin and strike a freeze-pose. It takes all types of talent, physical strength, rhythm and endurance for someone to move fluidly like water. Let’s check out which movies captivated us most with their moves and grooves.

Roll Bounce

Bow Wow’plays X, a boy whose raggedy, yet sentimental pair of skates gives him the swag he needs to challenge competitor boogie skater, Sweetness. With the ol’ skool seventies jams, this feel good movie is about a boy coming to terms with the death of his mom and sticking to his passion of boogie skating. It makes us laugh, cry, and most of all, want to dust off our old pair of speed skates and boogie-oogie oogie right along with him and his misfit crew.

Breaking 2: Electric Boogaloo

Whatever you do, don’t get Ozone mad! With his squinting, Jheri-Curl-wearing sidekick Turbo and rebellious girlfriend, Kelly, they will open up a can of breakdance on your behind in a heartbeat! That’s exactly what they did to the developer who tried to bulldoze their community recreation center!  They introduced the concept of the dance battle and put breakdancing in mainstream media with this film. Remember when Turbo fell down that flight of steps and injured himself, but was still breakin? Now that was classic! Plus,  singer Ginuwine got his broom dance idea from Ozone for his video/song: None Of Your Friends Business.

Step Up

We want to Channing all over his Tatum in this movie. B-boy has definitely got the moves. After the troubled street kid with dope hip hop skills has to clean the artsy school he vandalized, he winds up dancing his way into a girl’s heart while showing her a move or two for her important dance audition.

You Got Served

You have just been served with a breakdance battle beat down. Try saying that three times! This film takes battling to a whole new level. B2K’s Omarion and J-Boog, along with R&B singer Marques Houston, play members of a street-dance crew who compete against other groups in Los Angeles. High energy moves and scowling, mean-muggin’ faces keep the adrenaline pumping!

Stomp the Yard

Traditional stepping popularized by black fraternities meets the new-school dance called “krumping,” a style from Los Angeles made famous by the 2005 documentary Rize. Columbus Short was unstoppable in his battle blow outs, in all his pre-Scandal glory; Meagan Good tooted her pretty pout; singer Ne-Yo . . .well he should stick to singing; ultra fine Laz Alonso dazzled with his good looks; and Chris Brown rounded out the all-star cast. As a sidebar, why did Chris Brown have to die though? Knowing homeboy has moves we wanted to see throughout the rest of the movie! What a downer!


Take the shackles off my feet so I can dance! Kevin Bacon plays a big city boy who moves to a small town full of close-minded folk. Dance is banned, hence no black folk in the film, and Kevin pushes to have the high school dance after all. Time to watch those feet fly!

Dirty Dancing

Patrick Swayze wooed all the ladies who came out in droves to see him as hip-grinding Johnny Castle. He danced up close and personal with his partner, Jennifer Grey – aka Baby. Baby, a 17-year old-teen, becomes smitten with Johnny and volunteers to become his dance partner. The two become bump and grind buddies on the dancefloor, even though she ignores her father’s disdain for dirty dancing with the low-life likes of Johnny Castle.

Save The Last Dance

Teach me the ancient ways of hip hop dance, sensei! Julia Stiles plays a girl who wants nothing more but to go to ballet school. After the death of her mom, she moves to the hood and meets Sean Patrick Thomas. He takes her under his wing and reveals to her the secret moves of hip-hop, which increases her chances of getting into Julliard.

Center Stage

Zoe Saldana shines in Center Stage, a film that closely looks at the lives of ballerinas. These primas deal with everything from issues with weight to snooty dance instructors and parents who put way too much pressure on them to be perfect in their pink tutus.


Thick leg warmers and humongous sweatshirts equals Flashdance. Movie critics absolutely loathed it, but it was something about the welder/exotic dancer who yearned to be a ballerina that tugged at the heartstrings of many movie-goers.


This is about a female break dancer who overcomes a brutal attack. Stabbed by her mom’s ex-boyfriend, Angel moves with her mom to Los Angeles, where she recovers. Angel gets a job, attends college, and joins a hip hop group looking for a sixth member to compete. She goes on to carve out her place in the underground, hip hop world.

Bring It On

Don’t start none, won’t be none. Gabrielle Union dishes up lots of ‘tude as a cheerleader captain who steals the routines of competitor cheerleader and champion cheerleading squad head captin, Kirsten Dunst. Like, seriously – Gabby and her East Compton hip hop squad couldn’t come up with their own?

Saturday Night Fever

John Travolta made the all-white suit and black fly collar an iconic ensemble in this hit movie. Travolta plays Tony Manero, a knuckleheaded young guy who frequents a local Brooklyn discotec on the weekends. Tony is the disco king on the dancefloor, where he drowns out the harsh realities of his life. That includes a dead-end job, clashes with his unsupportive and squabbling parents, racial tensions in the local community, and his associations with a gang of macho friends.

White Nights

In this movie, the great Gregory Hines works together with ballet master Mikhail Baryshnikov, an expatriate Russian dancer who is on a plane forced to land on Soviet territory. He is taken to an apartment in which a black American who has married a Russian woman lives with her and he is to become a dancer for the Bolshoi again. It all boils down to whether or not he can trust the American (Hines).


I wanna live forever! I wanna learn how to fly! Fame! This film is a chronicle of the lives of several teenagers who attend a New York high school for students gifted in the performing arts. It made us all want to attend the artsy school. Debbie Allen dished out harsh advice as the disciplinarian dance instructor and lunch was a big ol’ dance party! What fun!

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