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Maybe it’s because I’m almost 6’0″ myself, but it’s interesting to me to see how many fellas in Hollywood are a lot shorter in person than they look on television. They make up for a small size with big talent, big personality and/or big enthusiasm on-stage and on-screen, and they even date the most beautiful women. But still…we can’t help but notice. Here are 14 celebrity men who we could fit in the back of our pocket.

Bow Wow – 5’6″

When we first met Bow Wow, he was a 13-year-old little kid with a head full of hair and a tiny stature. Years later, and a baby and some industry drama and money troubles later as well, he’s missing the hair but still around the same height (What! He is…). Despite all that though, he still manages to date taller women, like Ciara for instance, and work with tall women (his co-hosts often tower over him in heels) without feeling any sort of way.

Bobby V – 5’3″

He might be the tiniest singer in R&B music. Early in his career, he’d often be seen standing alone, crooning to the camera, so I didn’t notice how tiny he was until he started going to events and taking pictures with other celebs and people. Or when he tried to give a psedu0-lapdance to a fan during a show and literally was just an inch taller than her head while she sat. He still seems to get all the ladies, so it’s safe to say that his small size isn’t holding him back.

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Jermaine Dupri – 5’4″

If you were wondering why tiny Janet Jackson still managed to tower over Jermaine Dupri when they were dating, it’s because he’s only 5’4″…the same size as his former flame (she just wore heels). She never seemed to have any problems with it since the two were a couple for a whopping seven years. However, she’s since moved on to a billionaire who’s allegedly 5’10” and is definite candy to the eye (and for reasons aside from the massive amount of money he has. Promise…)

Danny DeVito – 5’0″

DeVito might be the smallest actor in Hollywood. At just 5’0″, he’s been known for his small size ever since he was starring on the television show Taxi in the ’70s. Since then, it’s damn near what he’s known for (aside from his success as an actor, director and producer). The small round icon is definitely one of our favorites.

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Tom Cruise – 5’7″

Despite the fact that Cruise isn’t the tallest guy in the world, his past two wives have been pretty tall women. Nicole Kidman was 5’11” while Katie Holmes was 5’9″. It will be interesting to see what his next girlfriend/wife will look like in the height department compared to him. Either way, he’ll be on the red carpet, hand-and-hand, cheesing it up right next to her.


Kevin Hart – 5’2″

Hart has never been shy about talking about the obvious in his stand-up comedy routines: the fact that he’s a pretty small dude. I’m pretty sure you’ve heard the story about how he tried to holler at a girl, jumped out of his car, and she screamed out that “he ain’t got no knees!” Or the stories about the step stools in his house so he can reach atop the fridge, or him saying that he’s small, but big where it counts. Hart’s humor (and his good looks) have actually helped take attention away from his size.

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Omarion – 5’6″

If you didn’t know, most R&B singers are just really short. They might be able to sing you out of your drawls from afar, but when you get up close to ask for a picture, you learn really quickly that they have a lot in common with your little sister. Omarion isn’t that short though. At 5’6″, he might be the shortest of all his friends (even Marques Houston is taller?? Dang.), but he makes up for it with enthusiasm in his performances the likes you’ve never seen before. Must we remind you of his performance with Rick Ross at the BET Hip Hop Awards?

Miguel – 5’7″

When I think about the leg drop incident Miguel had during the Billboard Music Awards last month, I often think about how things would have gone if he was Chris Brown. I’ve watched Brown, at 6’1″, jump over a table to another table during a performance with no problem. But at 5’7″ with tight white pants on and heels, there was just no way Miguel was going to land that jump. The petite cutie, for the most part, also makes up for his size with electrifying performances that include splits I haven’t seen cheerleaders land with such quick precision.  

Soure: AP

Bruno Mars – 5’5″

Maybe Bruno’s band is as small as he is, or maybe the old pompadour was a distraction that added height, but I never would have looked at him and thought he was so bite size. Either way, he carries his size well with great fashion sense and hair that provides height whether permed or natural…


Prince – 5’2″

Speaking of folks with natural hair, the Purple One is another celebrity who is a bit shorter than I think most realized. At 5’2″, it makes sense that the legend would be able to get away with rocking platform heels for all this time. But what he lacks in size, he makes up for in sheer presence and epic-ness. Who needs to be huge when your influence already is?

D’Angelo – 5’6″

You probably never noticed that the R&B/Neo-Soul/MIA singers club member was not the tallest fella out there. For one, he’s spent the last few years in seclusion while we thanked the YouTube gods for uploading “Untitled (How Does It Feel)” online. And also probably because for a while there, either his body was covered up in big clothes so you didn’t pay attention to his size, or said body was so chiseled that you couldn’t care less about his height. Either way, if you didn’t know, now you know.

Ivan Nikolov/

Cee-Lo – 5’6″

The fact that Cee-Lo isn’t like 5’4″ is actually a big surprise to me. From his time on The Voice sitting down all the time, he truly just seemed like the tiniest yet most round fella in music. Almost like a little black soulful Buddha. But I was wrong. He’s actually 5’6″ and his height (and the weight) has helped him become a recognizable face on television in homes everywhere. And that killer voice doesn’t hurt him either.

Adriana M. Barraza/

Mark Wahlberg – 5’7″

I think we all paid so much attention to Marky Mark’s delicious abs and upper-body that we never actually looked down (aside from the package he used to show in Calvin Klein underwear ads) to see that his legs were short. Muscular and nice, but short nonetheless. Either way, his small size hasn’t kept him from being one of the biggest actors and producers out there. As a rapper though? He wasn’t as lucky…

Johnny Louis/wenn**

Lil Wayne – 5’7″

Weezy does so much hopping around and whipping of his locs that I don’t think I ever realized that he’s somewhat of a little dude (and the fact that his pants are always so low that you can always get a good peek at his draws also seems to be a distraction). He might not be as tiny as this little kid who dressed up to look like him for Halloween a few years back, but amongst his cohorts in the rap game, he’s pretty pocket-sized.

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