Could You Stop That Please?! Things Men Do That Make Women Cringe

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Why do men do the things they do? As women, this is a question we will likely never understand. Why don’t men ever call, why is it so hard for them to make commitments? These things fly way above our heads when it comes to the male species, and like the rest of the things on this list, I don’t think we’ll ever figure the answers out.

Not Return Phone Calls

We have all had that experience where he said he would call, but he never does. Now, we are contemplating whether we should call him first. Then again, maybe we would look too desperate. Still can’t figure this one out. Why don’t men just keep their word and their actions follow suit.

Take Too Long To Text Back

Texting is just not a manly thing to do. When you text him, he takes forever to respond. The funny thing is when you two are together, he’s always texting. What’s up with that? Maybe he’s just not interested in what you’re talking about or doing something “more important.

Lie About Talking To Another Woman

Women are known to have good intuition. We may hear through the grapevine that our boo was spotted with another women. We may ask him about the situation, yet we know the answers before he even opens his mouth. Men will never admit to being caught out and about with another woman. Maybe they don’t want to hurt our feelings — or they think it’s better to hurt us behind our backs. Man up and be real.

Make A Promise They Can’t Keep

Promises should never be made if you don’t plan to keep them. Why look someone in their face and tell them that you are going to do something when you don’t have any intention of doing it at all. Something about that is just not right. If you meet a man who does this constantly, please run. You are just looking to have your heartbroken.

Make Everything About Them

Men make everything about them. He’s not ready, he doesn’t want to do this or that, now he’s whining like a little girl. Thanks for expressing yourself but you just made this a one way street where you are the only person that matters. Typical!

Lie About Where They’ve Been

Men have caught bad raps for lying. So even if they are telling the truth, everything they are telling you is questionable.  Men always lie about where they’ve been because they never want us to know where they really were. It could be something simple like hanging out at the bar, but instead they lie about the entire situation. Why lie? It’s not that serious.

Never Show Up [ On Time]

Something else men have caught bad raps for is not showing up on time — or at all. Maybe they are nervous about something- Commitment phobia? It seems if they show up to a function, they’re worried that it means that you are a couple. But by not showing up it just shows us they are jerks. It’s easier to say something up front rather than embarrass us in the end.


Call Tyrone

Men, please stop using your friends as an excuse as to why you can’t do something for us. The homies seem more important to you when you do that. I guess the whole Bros before H&*’s pact is real. However, if you men keep making excuses surrounding your friends, you’re going to end up lonely.

Call Too Much

As crazy as it sounds, we want men who have balance. We want you to call but if you call too much, it’s very annoying. These are the men who think we want them to call us every hour. The truth is it would be nice to call us when you’re out and about or with friends and you think of us but don’t randomly call for no reason when you don’t have anything important to say.

Have To Know Your Whereabouts

Nothing makes women cringe more than a controlling man. Ladies, stand clear of these characters. Men who always want to know where you’re going, who you’re with, what you will be doing and what time you’re coming home are way past annoying. You should be scared because if you give him an answer he doesn’t approve of, who knows what could happen.

Cry About Their Feelings

We all want a man who doesn’t have a problem with sharing his feelings. However, when men start crying and being babies about certain things, it makes them look weak. Most women aren’t attracted to that. Just when you think we would be the ones crying, you find yourself passing him some tissue.


Not Care Enough

Men who don’t care about anything are the worst ones to encounter. They do not care about how their actions well affect you and they don’t want to hear about it. They know exactly what they are doing. These are the emotionally unavailable men. They want to be around you for physical purposes but when you get touchy feely, they distance themselves and rather not deal with the emotions.


This doesn’t make us cringe, it makes us cry. Dating men who think it’s OK to wine and dine women, get what they want and then disappear leave you with the worst feeling ever. And then when he comes back, he tells you all these crazy stories and feeds you more excuses. Ladies, if he comes back knocking, don’t let him in. He will only do it again and next time it will be for good.

Not Be Who We Want Them To Be

Men will never be who we want them to be if they’re not it already. Yet that doesn’t stop plenty of us from trying to change a man who isn’t exactly what we had in mind when we get serious. This, unfortunately, isn’t something we can blame on them. We should be making ourselves cringe for trying to change someone who we can’t.

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