The Ratch Is Back: 10 Random Things We Learned During The Season 2 Premiere Of LHHATL

April 23, 2013  |  
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They’re baaaaack. Last night the second season of “Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta” debuted on VH1 and it was all the ratchetry we knew round two was cracked up to be. When we say the producers stuck their foot in this episode, we mean it because we were thoroughly entertained from minute one. And we also learned a few interesting things. Check out the randomness we picked up on and which cast members are clearly back to their old ways.

Mimi is/was/likely will always be living in Stevie J’s house

How many of you live with your ex-boyfriends? None. OK that’s what I thought. Guess Mimi was wrong about one of every female out there being like her because she’s the only woman I know who would live in the same house as her ex, claiming that’s the only way to keep Joseline from being around the couple’s daughter. Mimi you ain’t gots ta front. You want to be all up in Stevie’s house because you still love him and want to stop him from being with Joseline period. It’s not like she doesn’t have full custody of their daughter, she could easily be kept away from Joseline if she simply laid the law down on Stevie — and he was any kind of self-respecting father.

Scrappy is an entertainer

OK that was rude, but you have to understand why we’re saying that. Well, besides stating the obvious that he hasn’t put out a single worth talking about since “No Problem,” last night Erica confronted her fiance Scrappy about his spending habits, saying instead of spending money on new clothes every month he needed to be saving up for their wedding. That’s when Scrappy asked Erica — with a serious face mind you — if he was supposed to wear things twice. And when she responsed with a blank stare he said “I’m an entertainer” and then they agreed on a new clothing budget of $1,200/month for clothes. Aren’t his wages being garnished?

Scrappy’s only broke when it comes to child support

On that note of wages, I seem to recall lil Scrappy not having a single solitary dime to pay Erica for child support for their daughter. Amazingly, this season he had $21,200 dollars to spend on an engagement ring for his fiancee — at least that’s what the jeweler told Erica her ring was worth when she went to have it appraised. We know he didn’t find all that cash in the couch cushions so where did it come from? Oh right, he’s an entertainer.

The change that’s coming is not Shay doing better

We would love to report that after getting embarrassed at the season 1 reunion Shay had moved on, but unfortunately she’s still in the exact same place she was last season — plotting with poodle-stroking Momma Dee. Watch the foolery for yourself, we can’t spend any more time on her.


Joseline called herself being single at some point

We all know Joseline ain’t going nowhere — including back to the strip club — so we’re gonna guess Stevie J pissed her off the morning of this interview with Benzino and that’s why Joseline claimed she didn’t have time for wondering about whether Stebbie eva weally lubbed her.

Even Erica’s own mama doesn’t think her daughter will make it down the aisle

We’re all sort of in “we’ll believe it when we see it” mode when it comes to Erica’s pending marriage to Scrappy, even though she assured us the engagement is “official like a whistle.” But we shouldn’t feel too bad for doubting, considering Erica’s own mama isn’t sure they’ll make it down the aisle. She told Erica that right now she’s content, but she’ll be happy after the marriage. Right now she’s said she’s only about 80% sure they’ll actually get married, asking her daughter, “Does he love you enough to really marry you?” Ouch.

Arianne smashed the homie

Or something like that. Basically K. Michelle found out through The Breakfast Club that Arianne slept with Memphitz, and considering that’s her ex and she and Arianne are friends, she obviously would have preferred to hear the news directly from her instead of an a radio show. I mean the least she could of did was tell her that she laid down and spread her hot pocket, right? It didn’t take long for these two to kiss and makeup though — literally.

Mimi is nobody’s Molly the Maid

Watch what you say ’bout Mimi ‘cuz if you think you’re going to roll up in her ex-boyfriends house that she’s living in and call her Molly the Maid, you are wrong. And that’s where Joseline went wrong and Stevie went even more wrong when he didn’t defend the mother of his child against his disrespectful girlfriend/mistress/artist/side-piece of a Puerto Rican Princess.


Mimi’s got a little Mike Tyson in her

Don’t fret, Mimi’s got something for that a**, a nice bite on the cheek. Yup, she tried it.

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