You CAN Have It All: How To Be A Successful Dater And Career Woman

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Having a busy career that you’re well vested in is plenty admirable, but at the same time, having a life that revolves around work can be tiring, dull, and even a bit lonely. A lot of women who are very involved in their careers often forget to set aside time for themselves. Trips to the spa, the mall, and going on dates just aren’t commonalities. Dating and your career can go hand-in-hand, when you approach the situation appropriately. Here are 14 ways to be a successful career woman while successfully playing the dating game.

Always keep balance

As a professional you probably know all about the importance of balancing tasks. When it comes to dating as a professional, things are no different. There needs to be a balance between the two. Don’t spend so much time at work you don’t have time to date, but don’t put forth so much time with dating that you slack off at the office. You’ll need to find a happy medium that keeps you happy, content, and successful at work.

Leave work at work

As a career woman, your profession is probably extremely important to you. You strive to put forth your best effort and work until it’s time to leave each day. However, there has to come a time when you switch out of work mode and into something different. When you’re on a date, be sure that you leave work at work. Don’t sit at the table with your mind still in the office.

Don’t bring the dating world into work

On the flip side, you also don’t want to allow your dating world to bleed into your work life. Don’t let a bad date get in the way of putting forth your best at work. At the same time, don’t slack on the job because you’re too busy day-dreaming or texting a man you’ve recently met.

Don’t be too conservative

While many men enjoy a woman dressed up in her business or business casual attire, there’s no need to go out on a date dressed like you’re going to a meeting or an interview. Allow yourself a little bit of freedom and wear something that you wouldn’t wear to work. A little black dress, some heels, and definitely some statement jewelry. Dating is your time to shine.

Don’t feel inclined to pay

Going dutch is widely talked about topic, and if you’re a successful career woman, you probably have a good amount of money in the bank. At the same time, you’re also probably very independent. When you go on a date with a man, don’t allow yourself to get into the thought process that you should or have to pay for dinner. If you insist on paying, try splitting the check as opposed to paying for everything.

Clear your head of work stress

You’ve had a long stressful day at work. Your boss threw you a new project with a super strict turnaround time, and you’re freaking out. While you have plenty of reason to feel like you do, do not bring the stress and anxiety onto any of the dates you may go on. These feelings will be felt and noticed by the man you’re with, and he may think that he’s the cause of them.

Be proud of your career

Men want an independent woman who is headed somewhere in life. When you go on dates, don’t shy away from letting a man know about your career and profession. Of course, don’t do too much self-bragging, but definitely market yourself as a driven and focused woman, especially when it comes to your job.

Avoid a work relationship

What could be more convenient than dating a co-worker? Clearly he’s well vested in his career and he probably has some similar aspirations. While this seems ideal and smart, in the end, workplace relationships rarely tend to work out well. There’s a lot of stress involved making sure no one knows you’re dating and not crossing any type of professional boundaries. Stick to dating someone who isn’t your co-worker, relationships are hard enough.

Try online dating

Online dating is one of the newest dating crazes, and as a career woman, you’ll likely find that you’re sometimes too busy to deal with normal dating. Online dating buys you more time than regular dating does. With online dating, you are able to space out how much you talk to a man, when you set up dates, and so on. There’s no need to take time out of your busy work day to hit up the mall or go to a club after a hard day’s work in order to find a potential man.

Be truthful if you’re forced to cancel

There’s sure to be a day when you have a date set up with a guy, but some way or another, work has to take precedence because an important project is due or you have to prepare for an impromptu meeting that’ll happen the morning after your date. When this happens, be honest about why you have to cancel your date. There’s no need to make up excuses about you being sick or your friend needing your help.

Don’t have unattainable expectations

You of course want a man with a steady job and decent income, but as a career woman, you may find that your standards and expectations when it comes to careers is a bit higher than most people. Having too high of expectations can backfire on you, and you may be playing the dating game in vain. Don’t settle for a man with no job, but don’t expect to come across a sea of CEOs and entrepreneurs either.

Be strategic

You know all about being strategic at work, but you’ll want to make sure that this quality is also applied to your dating life. Be strategic when it comes to picking the right men, and definitely be strategic when it comes time to schedule dates and meet-ups. A game plan is key in order to be successful in the dating world.

Limit work related convos

You can expect a man to ask what you do for a living and to ask how your day at work went, but you don’t want to allow yourself to ramble on and on about it. This rule goes for any woman, but especially for professional women who already spend a lot of time and energy on working. Talking too much about your job may put off the vibe that your life consists of nothing but that. Touch upon work subjects but talk about your other hobbies and interests as well.


Don’t fall into the single trap

Career women are known for falling into the trap of being single and “dating themselves.” Even though dating and working may be a bit stressful at first, stick with it, especially if you’re really looking to change your relationship status. Expect road bumps and slow downs, and prepare for them accordingly. Just don’t let yourself fall into the trap of staying single.

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