15 Reasons Why Even Good Relationships Eventually Go Sour

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A lot of times a relationship will end and we really have no idea why. Things were perfect, or so you thought. Everything seems to be going in a positive direction and then one day everything fell to pieces. In your quest to find true love, you’re bound to come across relationships like this, but there is a reason behind the rhythm. Here are 15 reasons why good relationships go sour.

Lies and deception

Dishonesty and deception in any relationship is bound to put things to a halt quickly. That one second that you catch him lying or vice versa, the trust between you two has been breached. Even the best of people in the best of relationships can be dishonest and deceitful. But, when it happens, prepare for more lies, and a possible end to the relationship.

It was all a fairytale

Some people go into a relationship with high expectations and fairytale fantasies that just won’t and can’t pan out int he end. If you’re looking for a prince charming because you see yourself as a perfect goddess, no relationship you get into is going to last. Once your mind comes back down to Earth, you’re in for a rude awakening.

Lack of true communication

You’ve heard it before and you’ll hear it again, but relationships rely on a lot of open communication. While you two may have talked here and there, something was always left unsaid. These unspoken details and emotions will eventually cause all sorts of problems, and can end a relationship.

Too fast of a pace

All relationships take time in order for the emotional and physical circuits that are needed for a long-lasting relationship to grow and solidify themselves. Sexual and physical energy is often rushed in relationships, even when trust and commitment are missing. A relationship can’t survive on just physical intimacy.

Different places in life

When you first started dating you two were at the same position in life. You were both working, going to school, and everything meshed very well. But, times change and so do people, and even if your relationship has been going good for years, there’s always a chance that at some point, your lives won’t match up as perfectly. Maybe your man wants to join the military or you want to go back to school full-time, both of which mean a lot less time with each other.

The relationship became mundane

A big problem with a lot of relationships is that they become boring. In the beginning during the honeymoon phase, there’s so much excitement and anxiety that you can’t help but be happy. But, as time rolls on, relationships can become very routine and mundane. You go to the same places, watch the same shows, and do the same things. A boring relationship is bound to end.

Emotional baggage is left unchecked

All relationships are meant to be a fresh start, a completely blank slate, but unfortunately, a lot of us carry plenty of baggage, even if it’s from our childhood. Since we all have hidden hurts, we can easily forget about them, but eventually these wounds will come back to the forefront, and when they do, they can ruin a relationship.

Compromising ended

When you’re in a relationship, it’s all about give and take. You two have to negotiate with each other or else things won’t work out, at least not smoothly. The day that the two of you no longer negotiate with each other is the day that the relationship goes downhill. Without negotiation, the relationship can and will become one-sided.

The real him/you emerged

We’ve all heard the relationship horror stories of how someone dated someone else and six months into the relationship he/she became someone completely different. This could have happened in your relationship as well. It takes months to really, truly, and deeply get to know and understand someone. When you or when he finally sees the real you, and it’s not what was expecting, the relationship will hit a sudden halt.

Jealousy and clinginess

Being a little jealous and clingy won’t kill your relationship, but when the emotions become too much, the relationship is headed into the wrong direction. Jealousy, clinginess, possessiveness, and manipulation on you or his part is bound to be a nail in the coffin, if not the final one. A relationship needs a solid emotional foundation for it to last.

Different priorities

Priorities change as time goes on. In the beginning you two may have had similar priorities but before the relationship ends you noticed that you weren’t pairing up as well as you once did. You wanted to get married and he didn’t. Or you wanted to start a family and he said parenthood wasn’t a priority at the time for him.

You grew apart

Though it doesn’t happen to everyone, growing apart is a possibility in any relationship. Once all of the excitement has died down and the stresses of a relationship start to set in, it can cause couples who were once very close to slowly but surely grow apart. You begin to put up an invisible wall between you and your man, communication suffers, and the relationship to suffer as well.

Laziness took over

In the beginning you two did everything together, and your man offered to help you with whatever needed to be done. He helped wash dishes, do the laundry, cook dinner, and so on. Fast forward and now he does nothing but eat, sit on the couch, and slip. This is because the wooing phase is over. When laziness becomes constant, the relationship won’t last forever.

Physical attraction was lost

Physically, we all change, especially as we get older. A lot of people are known to put on some weight when they get into a long-lasting relationship. At this point you’re both comfortable with each other, so what’s the point of being in tip-top shape or dressing to impress every single day, right? Sadly this can cause you, him, or both of you to lose physical interest and attraction to each other.

Criticism started to creep in

Sometimes we get the idea that because we’re in a stable relationship, we can start criticizing the person we’re with. Though the relationship was once full of compliments, it’s now turned into a game of picking each other apart and throwing flaws in each other’s faces. When you should have been lifting each other up, you were inevitably tearing each other down, and ruining the relationship.

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