Thank God You Got Rid Of Those Cornrows! Celebrities Who Look Better Without The Braids

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Many celebrities have rocked cornrows at some point in their careers; some for years and others for days. Although some of these stars may have looked good in their braided ‘dos, we were generally happy to see the hairstyle go. With that, the purpose of this list is not to say that all fifteen of these celebrities looked bad with cornrows (although some definitely did); it’s just that, in our opinion, they look better without them. Agree?



Admittedly, Lloyd wasn’t bad looking with his cornrows; they even complemented his persona back when he was singing songs like “Southside” and “Get It Shawty.” But now that he’s grown up a bit in the industry and is singing songs like “Lay It Down” and “Dedication To My Ex,” it’s definitely more appropriate that his image be cornrow-free.

R. Kelly

R. Kelly has had three main looks throughout the entirety of his music career: standard caesar cut, bald, and cornrows. His cornrow look first appeared around 2000 with the release of his fifth album, and wasn’t disposed of until many years later. Of all his looks, the caesar is by far our favorite.

Alicia Keys

Alicia Keys was cute in cornrows, but after ditching them she revealed a much more glamorous and feminine side that some people thought was nonexistent. I hate to say it, but the cornrows weren’t doing much to up her femininity factor either, but the men were still feeling her.

Jim Jones

With cornrows Jim Jones had a rugged appearance that was very unpolished, but without them he’s noticeably more attractive – in a scruffy, hood fabulous kind of way. We wonder which look Chrissy prefers…

Kevin Federline

Losing his cornrows was one of the best things Kevin Federline could have done for himself appearance wise. With the braids, the backup dancer looked shabby, but now that he’s ditched them he looks much fresher and better groomed, like a grown daddy should.


When Eve rocked cornrows she was the Ruff Ryders’ first lady. As the only woman amidst a bevy of hardcore hip-hop men, her rap star image required that she look hard. But as soon as Eve got rid of the cornrows and switched up her look, the more elegant side of her beauty really shined through.

Bow Wow

Bow Wow rocked cornrows from his Lil’ days all the way up until his semi-grown days. Admittedly, they were cute when he was a child, but he certainly made a wise decision to give them up when he reached adulthood.


Like Bow Wow, Romeo also had some Lil’ cornrowed days. His young look was cute as well, but he never fully established his “grown and Hot” image until he ditched them.

Venus Williams

When Venus Williams first took to the tennis court, her beaded cornrows were as much a part of her game as her powerful backhand. But now the tennis star has left her cornrow days in the past – although she does still wear them from time to time both on the court and off. However, when she does wear them, they’re much better looking.

Serena Williams

Like Venus, Serena rocked a beaded cornrow style for years. She’s long outgrown that look, however, and now opts for sleek styles or bouncy curls. When playing tennis, her hair is generally tied up and away from her face.


Omarion, excuse me, Mayback O, wore cornrows throughout his B2K days and well into his solo career. In fact, it’s only been around two years since the singer emerged with a fresh cornrow-free look to complement his new album and label — and age as a 27-year-old man.


Mario began his career in 2002 in cornrows, but like many of the artists on this list, abandoned the look once he grew older and embraced a sexier image. The cornrows were okay, but the R&B crooner definitely looks smoother without them.

Christina Aguilera

Christina has had many questionable hairstyle moments – multicolor weaves, cropped wigs, black highlights… but compared to all of those other poor styling choices, cornrows were easily one of Christina’s worst looks. Thankfully for her, she only kept them in for a short time.

Trey Songz

Trey Songz achieved fame in 2005 with the release of his debut album Gotta Make It. It was then that we were first introduced to Songz and his cornrows – though he was generally still considered fine. But around 2009 when he lost the cornrows and re-emerged with a close cut for the release of his third album Ready, many agreed that a cornrow-less Songz was a sexier Songz.

Justin Timberlake

We can only assume that Justin Timberlake was attempting to appeal to an “urban” market when he stepped out in cornrows in the early 2000’s, though we’re not sure why. There wasn’t a whole lot appealing about his cornrow look – a sentiment even he’s admitted to. In an interview, when asked which of his fashion looks he most regretted, Justin named cornrows without hesitation.


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