Forget-Me-Nots! Favorite Moments and Episodes of “Martin”

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Ohhhh where to begin?  There are so many great moments from this smash comedy that it is hard to put into a short list. But never one to give up, I’m going to do my best to list some of our favorite episodes. Just so you know, there’s no order here – just episodes we enjoyed.  If yours isn’t here, feel free to add in the comments!

Forever Sheneneh

Everything about this episode is hilarious, from beginning to end.  Sheneneh won a contest to go on a date with her favorite rapper, Kid of Kid ‘n Play.  When Kid meets Sheneneh, he’s taken back by her appearance; she, on the other hand, is prepared for the best night of her life.  She supplied the cocktails (two 40 oz bottles that she took to the head) and the entertainment (a small private dancer routine). Kid was overwhelmed at first but by the end of the episode, they were dancing to Jodeci’s “Forever My Lady” with Sheneneh replacing “lady” with her name. Classic!

Tommy Hearns

Big mouth Martin was bragging about his skills as a boxer, skills he obtained through charity amateur boxing. When Tommy Hearns came through and ended up flirting with Gina, Martin didn’t take too kindly to it. He challenged a professional champion to a boxing match and promptly got his [bleep] handed to him. Hearns hit Martin so hard, he flew out of the ring and was thrust into the wall. The picture above, as we all know, is what his face looked like the next day.

Pretty Ricky what they call him

The only way to get the full scope of this episode is to watch the clip. Martin was going to his high school reunion and his sole reason for attending was to brag about how far he’d come in his career to a guy named Ricky Fontaine (“Pretty Ricky what they call him).  Gina went to get some extra beauty treatments for the occasion but ended up having an allergic reaction.  She initially stayed home but decided that it was best to be next to her man.  This was truly one of her best comedic moments on the show and it also showed that no matter what, Martin always had her back.


After losing his job and not being able to provide for himself, Martin skips town and leaves Gina and his friends wondering about he’s gone. They track him down to a cult going by the name of “Shaquille Sunflower,” with his hair in a half afro, half braided style and is best friends with a rock.  He told his crew they should pack up their camel (aka Pam) and leave to let him continue his journey. The back and forth between those two were always hilarious.

“Fine, I’ll marry you”

After years of being together, Gina finally got the marriage “itch.” In the midst of that, she was also offered a job in New York, one she was willing to pass on if Martin was ready to take that next step in their relationship.  After deciding to call her bluff and now allowing himself to be “pressured” into marriage, Martin realized that Gina was serious. As she was preparing to leave Martin went over to stop her and came up with his own version of a proposal: “You plotted and you schemed and clank, you finally got me, Gina. Okay, fine. Gina, I. WILL. MARRY. YOU. DAMN.  I mean, are you happy now?”  I remember watching that and thinking, “With a ‘proposal’ like that, is the show about to come to an end?” They got it together in the next episode, though, with Martin coming with a sincere proposal which included a serenade by Brian McKnight.


Ouuuu Yeah!

In hopes of following the footsteps of the man he’d replaced on the radio two years ago, Varnell Hill, Martin and the gang headed to California after Varnell told Martin he could be a guest on his television show if he were ever in town.  That didn’t quite work out as expected.  Not only did Varnell seat Martin in the audience and act like he didn’t know him, but he also stole pieces of his radio show. Not to be outdone, Martin snuck backstage with intentions on getting his five minutes of fame. The result was him having a sing-off with K-ci of Jodeci while the group was performing. Let me just say that Martin definitely held his own; he had K-Ci’s mannerisms and adlibs down to a science!

Suspicious Minds

This is one of my top five favorite episodes. Stan, Martin’s boss, convinced Martin that one of his friends stole his cd player since they all have access to his apartment. The final scene was like an ode to New Jack City complete with the all black, the fake dog and Martin telling Cole, “Sit yo’ five dollar A$$ down before I make change!”  No one could keep a straight face during the scene and I have to wonder how many takes it took to get to the point where they could contain their laughter. Oh and of course, Bruhman from the fifth floor had “borrowed” the cd player.  This episode epitomizes the greatness of this show at its highest point.

Whoomp, There It Ain’t

After Martin makes a comment equating sex to love, he and Gina agree to abstain for two weeks.  After days of of agony, they reach the final day and are pretty much in heat.  Gina arrives at Martin’s apartment in a revealing dress saying she was out taking a run while Martin was in the house with candles, soft music and his body oiled up saying he was just trying to stay in touch with himself.  After a huge tease, they agree that sex doesn’t equal love but in the moment they needed to just let it go and handle business!

The “It” thing

Skip to about 1:30 and you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. Martin, Gina, Tommy and Pam all end up on Chilligan’s Island for a romantic getaway. Some type of  possum type thing becomes the focal point of the show and Pam and Martin’s fight with it is classic. This just might be the best episode EVER.



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