He Say She Just A Friend: 9 Signs Your Boyfriend’s Relationship With The Opposite Sex Isn’t So Innocent

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Ever wonder if your man’s so called “friend” is as innocent as he claims her to be? Find yourself questioning the extent of their relationship no matter how often he reassures you that everything is strictly platonic? You try to shake it, but something about this woman reads: “homewrecker.” Although it might sound like you’re being a negative Nancy, most likely, your female intuition is right on point. But for those of you who still have doubts, here are a few signs that their relationship isn’t just so friendly.

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She Calls Late At Night
It’s 12 a.m. and you’re lying in your man’s arms, watching a late night flick. You roll over to catch a glimpse of the audacious caller ruining you and your boo’s quiet time, and whose name do you spot on the caller ID? None other than his lady friend. If she’s calling at inappropriate times of the night, and it occurs on a regular basis, it’s safe to say that she’s looking for more than just innocent talk time.

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They Had A Past Relationship/Sexual Past
Not saying it’s impossible, but for most of us, it’s hard to be just friends with someone we’ve shared our bodies with. Especially, especially, if we loved the man and were in a serious relationship with him that lasted for more than just a couple of months. If a woman is still hanging around a man she was involved with sexually, romantically, or both, it’s safe to say she’s waiting for a chance to rekindle that bond—if she hasn’t already.

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She Blows Up His Phone When He Doesn’t Answer the First Call
Ladies, have you ever called your man, not received an answer and thought, “What is he doing that’s so important that he can’t answer my call?” You know he’s not at work, know for damn sure that he’s not at the gym, and positive he’s not hooping at the local court, so there’s no reason for him not to pick up. With that in mind, what do you do? Blow up his phone until you get through to him because he has some serious explaining to do. Is this how you would behave with a guy who’s just a friend? I think not. My point exactly.

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Your Man is Uncomfortable Being Around the Two of You Together
If he’s nervous, paranoid and sweating bullets when the two of you are together, homeboy has something to hide. And with you two together, the chances increase for you to catch on to whatever it is that has him on edge. Either that or he’s guilty.

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She’s Angry, Annoyed or Uncomfortable in Your Presence
Whenever you’re around, you catch her eyes rolling, neck snapping and mouth twisting every time she looks your way. And don’t sneak a peck, grab his arm, our intertwine your fingers with his—girlfriend will have a fit! Any woman who throws shade your way at the sight of you and your man together obviously has more than “we’re just good friends” feelings. So either they’re messing around, or she wants to be.

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She’s Always Asking for (Money) Favors
There’s nothing wrong with asking a friend for a few favors here and there, but every time you turn around she needs help mowing the lawn, fixing the toilet or jumping her car. Homegirl has five brothers, 20 cousins, a father, and a stepdad who lives down the street, but your man is who she calls every time something heavy needs lifting around the house. And when her favors always involve money—especially if they’re not loans, but money she doesn’t have to pay back—something is definitely up (we all know that most men don’t shell out the cash unless you’re family or they’re tapping on the as—you get the point).

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He Whispers/Walks Away When She’s On the Phone
If he has to step out or lower his voice when talking to her on the phone, this means that they’re having conversations he doesn’t want you to hear. Hmmmmmm. If there was nothing going on, he would be completely comfortable talking to her around you. Suspicious much?

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You Feel Chemistry Between Them Whenever They’re Together
They give each other steamy looks when they think no one’s watching. You catch him checking out her lady lumps when she walks by, or they try to disguise flirtatious touches as playful taps. If the magnetism between them is so strong that you feel it in your gut, keep an eye on your man because his friend already is.

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She Doesn’t Have A Man of Her Own
You’ve known her for a few good months, or maybe several long years, and you’ve never met—or even heard about—a special man in her life. The thing is, she doesn’t seem to be looking for one—at least not one of her own. A single lonely woman, hanging around your bf, calling all times of the night, asking him for constant favors and cash—ladies, beware.

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