Wear Your Double X Chromosomes Proudly: 14 Ways Women Should Act Like Women

September 19, 2012  |  
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Women have become afraid to be women. We’re called slory if we dress hot. We’re called irrational if we have an emotion. We’re called weak if we require emotional support. Not every man feels this way but enough of them do—certainly the editors of popular men’s magazines—to the point that women walk around on eggshells, making sure not to act “too girly.” But you know what? That takes the fun out of life. If you find a good man, you should be able to act like a woman in all of these ways.

Showing off your curves

Unless you’re willing to go outside with zit cream on your face and a raggedy old t-shirt, there’s no point in pretending that you don’t care what you look like. But many women do, by dressing androgynously, shunning heels and covering up their boobs at all costs so they don’t look like too much of a “sexual being.” Well news flash: you are a sexual being because you are human. Any man that doesn’t understand that and wants you to cover up is not a man you want to be with. He’s bound to be controlling in most aspects of life. Playing up your curves and complimenting your figure with the right clothes is one of the most fun parts of being a woman! So bring out those boobies. You have them for a reason.


Accepting drinks

Women have become so defensive when out at bars and clubs. They assume that any man that offers them a drink wants to sleep with them. And while that is probably true, it’s not true that every man that offers you a drink will aggressively, obnoxiously pursue sleeping with you or make you feel obligated to go home with him. A lot of men, just like women, are happy to meet new people and flirt. Isn’t that why you go out? Or do you go out to sit in the corner with your girlfriends, terrified of anyone that approaches you? Typically, a woman’s mood is much more boosted at the end of the night if she simply spoke to someone new, and was hit on, whether or not she was interested in return. So put your guard down and accept a drink and a hello. If you get a sign that the guy is a douche, move on.

Ask him to tag along

To Bed Bath + Beyond, to your mom’s birthday party, to a spa. Men may complain about these things, but deep down they feel like something is missing in their relationship if their girlfriends never want them along on those activities. Having somebody want your company, at even a boring activity, is much better than not being wanted at all.

Let him come to you, and like it

This is less about being too aggressive and more about being too defensive. With the casual dating scene as it is, full of booty calls, “open relationships” and a complete lack of courtship, women have gotten so used to games, that they assume any man that is just straight forward with them, asks them to dinner, pays them compliments and calls them regularly is “weird.” And while some might be weird and clingy, the others are just good guys. So, weed through the clingy guys to have some chance at meeting a good guy. Don’t freak out when a man comes to you. You know, the way they used to?

Be playful

Certainly the men that cat call crude and offensive things deserve the middle finger and more. But women have become so cold to the innocent compliment. A man can hardly say, “You look beautiful” without a woman hissing at him or giving him the death stare. So basically, you both walk away angry from the encounter. If a man just wants to give you a nice compliment just say, “Thank you.” You’ll be surprised how much your mood is actually improved within seconds! You didn’t sleep with the guy simply by saying thank you. It’s harmless.

Be emotional

The good men out there have a higher tolerance for this than you think. Women are emotional beings. We have a tendency to feel before we think and that is actually a strength in many arenas of life. But, for fear of freaking men out, women often try to hide their emotions in relationships. But being emotional is a way for your partner to get closer to you. And if he can’t handle the fact that you’re not a robot sometimes, he’s not a great partner.

Accepting help

Women help men in many ways we don’t even realize. Simply by accepting our emotional support, or cuddling us, men are making themselves vulnerable and accepting our help. Men are happy to accept our very natural, maternal type of help. Meanwhile, so many women refuse to accept the natural type of help that men can provide, from physical abilities to problem solving skills. And this throws off the balance of a relationship: only one person accepting help. In the end, we can make men feel useless! Often a man isn’t trying to assert dominance; he is just trying to have a give and take balance.

Be kind to other women

Another vicious trick the new casual dating scene has played on women is that it’s made us hate one another! We’re so used to guys leading us on, dragging us along, surprisingly be dating somebody else at the same time and all sorts of things that, every woman we see we view as competition. Women need to stick together. We’re all putting up with the same games in this confusing, convoluted singles scene. The last thing we need is to feel that both men and women are the enemy.


Let him take control in bed sometimes

Once it’s on, it’s on and you can be as dominant in bed as you want. But sometimes, let him initiate it being on! Not only will it make you feel highly desired if your guy from time to time tears your book out of your hand and your panties off of you, but it will also allow him to feel like “a man.” It’s a win/win.

Be sexual

A large part of this fear of dressing sexual is a fear of showing we have sexual desires. Women can be so shy when it comes to talking about sex, or past sexual experiences with new partners. As if we’re supposed to pretend we never had sex before this new guy! Yeah right! There’s no need to be timid, avoiding sexual innuendos on dates and acting aloof to the fact that this man is looking at you sexually. Be aware of the fact that men look at you sexually. Respond to it with confidence, rather than a meek, blushing laugh at the floor as if you never saw his advances coming.

Speak softly

Men get competitive as soon as the yelling begins. But they respond positively to being spoken to gently. They were conditioned since childhood to respond positively to a soft, feminine voice in their mother. In general, it’s more polite to approach issues with a soft tone no matter whom you are speaking to.

Like your girl stuff

Sex and the City, shopping, girl’s nights etc. Deep down inside, men don’t want to be with the woman that can fix a car and drink from a beer bong. She can do those things also, but she shouldn’t give up her “stereotypical” female interests. If a man wanted to date a woman that liked all “man” stuff, he’d date a man.

Be a man of many words

Except, be a woman. It’s said women talk too much. But again, if your boyfriend wanted to be with somebody that only spoke when absolutely necessary, rarely made small talk and didn’t vent, he’d be with a man. Plus, if a man is with you it’s because he thinks all the things you talk about our cute.

Be a mom if you want to be a mom

Don’t let society make you feel bad about being a stay at home mom. That is hard work. Don’t drive yourself into the ground by trying to juggle kids and a career if doing both is truly causing you anxiety, and it’s all so that somebody else approves of you. Screw what others believe will bring you happiness. If you know that being a stay at home mom will bring you complete happiness, then do that.

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