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By now we are familiar with MTV2’s hit show “Guy Code.” The show focuses on men and their funniest, gross (paying for sex) rules, and questionable codes. While the secret’s out on some of guy codes, what about the ladies? I’m sure many women know the traditional girl codes like not dating a best friend’s ex, being honest with one another, and hiding those sneaky tracks , but while it may be hard to believe, there are many tidbits that most girls may not know about.

This isn’t the “best friends forever” list , or even an “how to” list. There are just some rules that women (like me) didn’t know about until it was too late.  So let’s put some old rules to bed and create some new codes.

Girl Code #30: We’re not teens anymore: We don’t need to go to the bathrooms ‘in twos’

You’re in a club with your five best friends… so I’m pretty sure a bathroom run will happen, but do we all need to go at once? Be a big girl and go to the powder room by yourself. I’m sure they will be there for you when you get back and maybe that guy you’ve been eyeing all night may approach you.

While some people like to go the bathroom in twos for mere conversation, it’s a tradition that fades away when you grow up, or when you become a little more confident.

Girl Code #21: Girls like “Me, Myself, and I” time

Working all week and playing all night can really take a toll on your mind, body and spirit. Some people may not like the idea of being alone, but it helps you gather your thoughts, and helps create the time that you deserve. For most people it’s a nice pedicure, or a hot bath with candles, but if you want to listen to some old school jams go for it! Whatever calms you down and prevents you from blacking out on anyone, by all means do it!


Girl Code #401: Not all your girls will ‘run a flock together’

Most girls have friends that they have grown up with, gone to college, or worked with. While you may get along with all these people, it doesn’t mean that they will get along with each other. Each person simply knows you from different periods of your life. Now this may not be the case for all girls (because sometimes we all REALLY can get along) but you can’t change everyone’s actions, and as much as you would like your gal pals to get along – they have to make the effort as well.

Girl Code #9: Real girls can hold their liquor

Let’s just get rid of the rules that say we have to care for our drunk friends and take care of ourselves! It isn’t a pain to care for our friends, but it is a pain to play babysitter to grown women.

Girl Code #1: Friends don’t let friends take bathroom pics/duck lips

Limit 1 photo…well maybe not. Point blank period.


Girl Code #9.3: Nobody likes a Debbie Downer

We all have that one friend that can be happy about your new job or relationship; but still finds a way to add in that story about the three legged yorkie that died ten years ago in a freak bumper car accident. While I enjoy random facts about the news in Libya as much as the next person, sometimes less is more. Friends are supposed to bring you up and be honest with you, but sometimes the need to share your most depressing stories can wear on the relationship. It’s not a pleasant environment to be in and gives you the wrong type of attention.

Girl Code #344 Friends don’t let Friends shop at Conway, Wet Seal, etc. 

I have a friend that absolutely loves fashion….she’s creative and always knew what went with what. She also loved deals – but NEVER shopped at the above places; and she made sure I didn’t either! While times are tough and we all can’t get that Micheal Kors bag or those J Brand jeans, that doesn’t mean that you should punish yourself and wear nylon all over! This rule especially applies to all the twenty-somethings that are teeter-tottering on 19 & 28. There comes a time to let it go. Find a new style instead of chasing today’s fads. (Sidebar: My older sister would often tell me that these places were once legit but then began to sell cheaper clothes)

Girl Code #42  Balance is Key 

This is something I failed at  and I never noticed it was a code! I was always caught up in my work and my relationship that I neglected my friends. Having a strong balance with work, the bf/gf, and most of all your girls, gives you that happy medium. This is something that happens all the time in friendships, you meet a guy, no more happy hours, you ignore your friends and fall in love. Saying you have a balance and maintaining it are two different things. When love takes over, just remember the people that were there for you when it wasn’t there. They need love too!

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