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Let’s say you’re not too keen on the idea of living with a man before you share his last name. But you also want to see how he behaves and interacts on a day to day basis. What is a girl to do? Take a little trip. Remember how illuminating last year’s girlfriend getaway was? You will not be taking anymore trips with Keisha! The same is true for the boo.  You can learn key aspects about your partner’s personality while the two of you take a little escapade.

Is he slob?

If at the end of your vacation, you’re kicking his clothes out of your path just to make it to the bed, you know that homeboy is not one for tidiness. If you’re the type of woman who vacuums daily, you’ll have to ask yourself if this is something you can deal with. If his sloppy ways are really starting to test your patience, you may have to finally break down and ask him, nicely, to pick his clothes up. Pay attention to his response. If he freaks out, claiming that you’re treating him like a child, but has yet to remove the clothes, then maybe he’s not the man for you. The reverse is also true. You don’t see a problem with the fact your cosmetics are taking up ¾ of the sink, but he can’t stand it. If you find his affection for clean to be stifling then you both have some things to work out.

Problem Solving

When you’re in a new place, you’re bound to run into a little snafu. This is the perfect time to see how your man handles the pressure. Does he fall back and let you take the lead or has he already hopped out of the car to ask for directions? Whatever he does, your reaction to his behavior will teach you a thing or two about what you expect and even need from a man. Do you want the type of dude who’s going to solve the problem before you have time to ask him, or are you the type of woman who’d rather take the reins herself.

Funk Phase

On vacation, as in life, things never quite go as planned. Maybe the flight is delayed for an additional five hours. Maybe the landmark you both hoped to visit is no longer open. All of these incidents suck and being upset about these unfortunate happenings is completely understandable; but, is he taking out his frustration and irritation on you? Has he cut off all conversation and shut down? Some people don’t handle disappointment well and when things don’t go their way, they’ve completely checked out. If you’re a person who finds the silver lining in every cloud, trying to constantly lift his spirits is a tiring task.


The two of you have had a busy excursion, you’re starving. It’s time to eat. You’re on vacation and cooking is the last thing on either of your minds. He has taste for Italian and you want Caribbean food. Both of the nearest restaurants stop taking orders in the next 30 minutes. You don’t have time to grab takeout from both. Watch him. What does he suggest? Is he adamant about his pasta or does he offer the two of you grab hamburgers and try for Italian or West Indian the next day? In relationships, no one should get their way all the time. A man who won’t compromise to make sure your wants are met at least 50 percent of the time is one inconsiderate mofo.

Is he rude?

Depending on your budget, a vacation is a time for you to see how your sweet thang interacts with people who provide a service. When his watch slid under the bed, did he automatically assume the hotel staff stole it, instead of looking for it first? Is he fond of snapping his fingers at waiters? Is he allergic to tipping?  All of these behaviors are larger indicators of his character. You’ll need to ask yourself whether or not you can deal with it.


Life of the Party or Wet Blanket

For some people vacation is a time to escape the pressures of everyday life and relax. For others, it’s a time to explore the world and be adventurous. Let’s say you’re vacationing in Florida, you want to spend as much time on the beach as possible, while he’d rather be at the amusement parks everyday. When you vacation with others, the both of you have to be on the same page or else somebody is going to come home more pissy than a little bit. Either plan out your itinerary beforehand or be ready to work on that compromise thing we talked about.

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