Really, Though? Who Died And Made You An Authority On What’s “Real”?

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1.      “Real women have their own place/pay their own bills.”

Um, heifer, I’m a broke, fresh MBA graduate who is actively (aka, desperately) seeking full-time employment. I live with my what? MA-MA. And I struggle with what? MY BILLS. All of this because of what? SALLIE MAE and her incessant minions (don’t let me catch any of them in the street. I’m jackin’ them up on sight!). I and a hefty percentage of young WOMEN who’ve recently graduated are experiencing that struggle. And ain’t I a woman?

We’re not “real” women because we’re between a rock and a hard place? I thought a woman is defined by her character and level of maturity? A lot more goes into that state of being than what you may or may not be able to pay for, like oh I don’t know… hygiene for one. You “might could” pay your own rent (Kudos!) but some of you “real women” haven’t learned how to neutralize your own body odor. Hit those underarms with some Secret. You look like a genuine fool trying to dictate who and what a woman is by your own standards when half of the time your own standards leave out the BASICS. Just do you and have a seat.

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