Girl, Stop Trippin’: 6 Things He Just Doesn’t Care About

May 16, 2012  |  
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Women primp and shop to look their best in an effort to get a man and keep him. She’ll make sure her mind is right and body is tight, never missing a beat. She’ll articulate herself and be full of class.  With all that effort, it would be hard for a man not to take notice…right? Wrong! There are a few things that men just don’t care enough about. If you enjoy doing these things, keep it up but know that those efforts are for your own pleasure because he really just couldn’t care any less. The average man would agree that these are items he can’t be bothered with. Let the exhibition begin…

Designer Shoes

Prada, Gucci, Louboutin, or Payless, it all looks the same to him. He is not concerned in the least bit with your fashion statements (as long as they’re not busted) or how high your mahnolo heels may be. Shoes are just shoes to him. He may even go as far as believing that its all the same shoe in different colors. He can’t for the life of him,  understand why you need so many or why they cost so much.


You put that hot little lace number on just for him to take it off. The truth is, he’d be happier if you came to bed naked. Lingerie is a sure sign that he’s getting laid…hence the happy face. You could’ve worn a tutu and a plastic bag. As long as he was aware that you were ready to get busy and he’d still be grinning.

Make Up

He knows nothing of your blending process or the purpose of nude shades. The only time he will even acknowledge your makeup is if there is too much. He knows clown makeup when he sees it and will surely call your attention to it if you’re a couple. Just think of it this way. If you did a good job, you won’t hear a word.


He does not want to go shopping with you. He believes that the job should go to one of your girlfriends. Quite frankly, he doesn’t have the patience to watch you try everything on and then ask him if you look fat. In his opinion, you’ll try on seven different outfits he doesn’t care about and walk away with a pair of socks. Women are too indecisive to shop with. When he goes out to shop, he knows what he wants and it’s just in and out for him.


He nibbles on your ear, caresses your back, and kisses your neck. It’s exactly what you like. However, its not his choice. If he could, it would be full steam ahead immediately after his member salutes. He doesn’t care about foreplay. He works it like a part time job in order to get that pay day. If there was a magic button he could press, those “warm up” days would be over.

Your Feelings

Eyes will roll and necks will pop with this one but it’s true. He really doesnt care about your feelings. He pretends to care because he loves you and wants to make you happy. The casual conversation that you have about the arguments you have or the hurt one of your girlfriends made you feel, is just a little more than white noise. Your feelings are associated with drama and demands. You complain and he corrects his behavior temporarily, in the hopes that you’ll stop. His behavior returns because he didn’t truly care and you end up complaining again. End result…you’re nagging him. He’s been the hardest working actor you could ever find. Somehow, you still love him.

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