SIGN LANGUAGE: What Your Zodiac Sign May Say About Your Love Life

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Remember back in the day, the pick-up line question in the club was, “So…what’s your sign?” Maybe it’s not the best ice breaker today, but back then, it was a conversation starter…or ender, depending on the reply. If a dude told me he was a Virgo, it was a wrap…because according to my mother, all Virgos lie. Now, that could have something to do with the fact that my father is a Virgo, but I digress.

We all have ideas of specific traits each zodiac sign holds, whether we got these notions from a book on astrology or past relationship experiences. Sometimes we’re correct in our assumptions, and other times we’re way off base. I’m no astrologist, so I had to do a bit of research to see if we can decipher the love language of the zodiac signs. Let’s explore.

1. Aries

As the first sign of the zodiac, Aries people tend to think the world revolves around them…because after all, they ARE first. They can be aggressive and hard headed, and will muscle their way through any obstacle, including you. However, Aries folks are dynamic, quick-witted individuals who are head strong, which can be a serious turn-on.  Aries men have a healthy appetite for dominance and love the thrill of the chase, so let him chase you! Laugh at all his jokes and make him believe all his ideas are brilliant, and he’ll love you forever. Aries women have the uncanny ability to charm the pants off of any man and will leave him feeling like he’s privileged to breathe the same air that she does. Not convinced they’re the best sign in the zodiac? Just ask them…they’ll tell you.

2. Taurus

Just like a bull, Taurus folks can be stubborn as hell – and the more you try to push them, the more they don’t budge – simply out of spite.  And getting them to admit they’re wrong will never happen, which will leave you ready to pull your hair out and needing a stiff drink. Taurus men tend to move slowly and deliberately in relationships, so if you’re trying to snag one, dig in…it could be a while. Taurus women love the finer things in life and love to indulge in great food and luxurious vacations. Taureans can afford it though, because when it comes to handling finances, they have midnight cravings for making money.


3. Gemini

Some say that Geminis are free spirits who go where the wind takes them, while others feel they’re two faced and scatterbrained….take your pick. Geminis get bored quickly, so you’ll need to be on your toes at all times if you’re trying to keep their interest. Gemini men usually are noncommittal, but tend to jump into relationships anyway…only to realize that they don’t have a parachute. Gemini women are constantly looking to redefine themselves, so they may seek validation from their relationship – and once they get it, it’s on to the next one. You can have a lot of fun with a Gemini…for a little while, if you can get them to stick around that long.

4. Cancer

Cancers tend to be the perfect blend of shy and sweet, and extrovert and life of the party. They’re emotional and dramatic, so get ready for monumental mood swings. Fiercely loyal, they make great companions, even though sometimes they can be big crybabies. Cancer men tend to smother their women – which is cute at first, but gets old by the third date. Cancer women are nurturing by nature, but can also be emotional vampires that will suck the life right out of you if you’re not careful. Once you’re in with a Cancer, it’s hard to get out.

5. Leo

Be prepared to fall back into the shadows if you date a Leo, because they LOVE to be the center of attention. Loud, boisterous, needy – they CRAVE the limelight, so if you’re shy and introverted, you’ll either make the perfect match or it’ll drive you nuts. Leo men like to dominate everyone as their way of demanding respect, but don’t let that personality trait fool you. If he’s a cowardly lion, he can also be vulnerable and get hurt very easily – he just wears that bravado as a façade. Leo women need to be the boss, and if you don’t cater to her vanity, you will get bounced quickly. These people are fun to be around, no question – but realize that it’s their world…you’re just in it.

6. Virgo

Virgos are very cerebral, nit-picky people who can be overly critical – mainly because most of them are perfectionists. They tend to be cool cucumbers on the outside, but are anxious on the inside because they’re over-analyzing everything and everyone. Virgo men are pretty grounded and dedicated, but be prepared for him to critique your clothes, your hair and your makeup to death. You can’t be out with him looking like a hot mess, so he’ll make sure you’re on point if you want to be with him. Virgo women don’t like to play games and will give what they want to receive in a relationship – and if they don’t get it, they’ll definitely let you know it and whip you into shape!

7. Libra

These people can see both sides to every scenario because, for them, everything needs to be in balance and harmony. They don’t like discord of any kind and they always want everyone to get along. They tend to be fair in relationships and don’t like to argue much, so if you’re a fiery sign, good luck getting them to fight back. However, don’t think they’re pushovers either, because since they can see both sides to any disagreement, they will win every argument because they already know what you’re going to say. Libra men have no problem being in a relationship, they just like to remain independent in their partnership, which confuses women who love them. Libra women are looking for the perfect man to complete them, yet even when they find him, they never really feel whole – even in marriage. File this under: “all over the place.”

8. Scorpio

Don’t mess with these people – you might get stung. Scorpios are the sweetest people in the world – until you cross them. Once their trust is betrayed or you do something to hurt them or their loved ones, it will be almost impossible to avoid their wrath – and they can hold a grudge FOREVER. Some say they’re spiteful people, but if you’re loyal to them, they’ll give you that same loyalty back tenfold. They’re also supposed to be the most passionate sign of the zodiac, so sex with a Scorpio can be mind-blowing. Scorpio men leave women powerless to their seductive gaze, and Scorpio women can reach to the deepest depths of a man’s soul. Scorpios are equally passionate in love…AND in hate, so watch your back!

9. Sagittarius

Those born under this fire sign are fun loving and optimistic, sarcastic and often misunderstood. And be careful if you’re looking to get into a relationship with one, because they tend to leave a trail of broken hearts behind. It’s not that they don’t care; they just feel entitled to sample all the goodies that life has to offer, so you should either keep your distance – or stab yourself in heart first before they have a chance to steal it. Sagittarius men don’t have time for silly little things, like commitment and public displays of affection – that’s for suckas! Sagittarius women will love you, leave you and have you crying for your mama by the time she’s finished with you.  Sagittarians can sell ice to an Eskimo, so it’s easy to see why anyone would fall for one. Just don’t say I didn’t warn you!

10. Capricorn

Capricorns are independent, hard-working, and dependable…and sometimes very boring. Although they’re go-getters, they can be quite reserved, and they like to sit back and take things in and make their judgments from their high horse based on observation. This makes them hard to read sometimes, but they’ll ride with you until the end if they love you. Capricorn men are creatures of habit, which is fine if you like routine and don’t need any spontaneity in your life. Capricorn women are warm, but not passionate, charismatic, but not exciting – and both men and women make great homemakers in the suburbs…who barely register a pulse.

11. Aquarius

Aquarians are probably the friendliest sign in the zodiac – everyone is their friend. They also tend to be the most wishy-washy since they’re prone to mood swings and love their freedom. Good luck getting an Aquarian to commit, because relationships are like prison to them. I’m not saying it’s impossible, but Aquarians are not emotional creatures, and your pleas for companionship may fall on deaf ears. Aquarian men can be aloof, and sometimes fail to recognize emotional pain, so the women in their lives usually wind up stabbing them out of frustration. Aquarian women can cheerfully ignore anything you have to say, because she doesn’t care. That’s not to say that she’s heartless, but she is. She can flip a switch and walk away from you…just like that. She’d rather give birth to a 10 pound baby with no epidural than commit – because even though she loves humanity, she doesn’t like YOU.

12. Pisces

Ahh…the dreamers of the zodiac. These people live in La-La-Land and would rather fantasize of gumdrop rainbows than face the harsh realities of life. Because they idealize everything, they’re also considered the most romantic of the zodiac, and they’re completely in love with love. They often don’t have realistic ideas of how relationships work, and their feelings are easily hurt because they’re delicate and overly-sensitive. But Pisces people are extremely loyal, sometimes to their own detriment, because they don’t know when or how to leave when they should. Pisces men tend to marry later in life, or more than once until they get it right. They fall in and out of love quickly and move from woman to woman looking for the “perfect” one, and it takes them a minute to realize the perfect one doesn’t really exist. Pisces women spend their lives looking for their “Prince Charming” and are disappointed when they discover that their Prince may come in a Pauper package. But one thing about a Pisces is this: if you give a little, you get A LOT in return…because nothing makes them happier than pleasing their partner. It’s their “happy place.”

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