In Between The Sheets: Things All Women Are Insecure About In Bed

April 14, 2012  |  
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Next time you’re watching professional Adult Videos (if that’s something you’re into) just remember the camera person knows just what angles make the female look the hottest.  The female herself isn’t really enjoying herself so she can actually think about every little movement she makes, and some moments of the, um, encounter were left out of the finished production altogether. If only we had such finesse in our own sex lives. Luckily, real couples have a lot more fun, but these uncomfortable dynamics still exist….


Any time a woman isn’t simply on her back, the risk of all sorts of issues arises: the appearance of a double chin, flattened breasts, visible tummy roll and the list really goes on. No matter how perfect your body is or how gorgeous you are, we all become victim to unflattering angles in certain sexual positions.

Am I a prude?

You can’t know what a man’s experience has been with every single partner. Maybe, if you’re in a relationship, you’ve heard a bit about the ex’s style and preferences. But, every time a woman gets in bed with a man, she’s aware that he has dozens, maybe hundreds of sexual memories. Sometimes, we have no conception of how we stack up. Are we prude in comparison to others? Kinky? Ordinary? (Whatever that means.)

Are there signs of an ex?

Just like he has a sexual past, so do you. We have behaviors in bed that have been ingrained in us from past men, that we may not even realize are there. But, does he?? Is it clear that somebody clearly taught us to do that, THAT way?



Some guys like a girl who is vocal about her pleasure. Some men find it embarrassing. The thing is, it’s hard to control that when you’re in the middle of feeling a dozen amazing sensations! Most women don’t even know what they sound like in bed, let alone if their guy likes it.

The “Other” Noises

And then there are the noises we can’t control…the awkward, unfortunate sounds that squeak out when two sweaty bodies slap, smash and rub together. I have no idea who is more embarrassed: him, or me? Does he think that was my fault? Or his?

Am I what he expected?

I’ve heard it from so many men—they know instantly after sleeping with a woman for the first time whether or not things can really go somewhere with her. You can imagine the insecurity this has spurred in many women! We end that first session in the sack wondering, “So, what was the verdict?”


There are some activities and positions in the bedroom that require strength—strength of the elbows, the knees, the stomach, you name it. We often wonder, “Were other women able to hold out longer before saying ‘my knees hurt!’?”

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