7 Ways He Wants You To Be Better Than His Last Girlfriend

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“She needs to be hot. She needs to be hot and nice. She needs to be hot and nice and smart. Maybe it’s a little more complicated than that…” In a nutshell, there is the progression of a man’s thoughts on what a girlfriend must be from the moment he starts to like girls in his teens to, well, a little bit later. But, essentially, as men move from one woman to the next, they tend to keep an eye out that the next one will be better than the previous in the following ways.


You keep yourself happy

It can be satisfying for a man to be the night in shining armor—the one who picks you up when you are down—for a while, but eventually men learn it’s tiring to be with a woman who doesn’t make an effort to stay positive. If you can roll with the punches, not dwell on negative things too long and say “It will be fine” and mean it, a guy will be seriously impressed. As men get older, they want to be with women who know how to stay positive because life keeps getting harder and a guy can’t be his own and your cheerleader all the time.

You don’t get mad

This is a big one. Men only have the patience to walk on so many eggshells in their lifetime. A guy will pay close attention to how often you get ticked off at him in comparison to the last woman. Essentially, over time, men run out of “I’m sorry’s” and look for women who won’t require many from them.

But when you do get mad…

You tell him. Too many women use getting mad as a way to gain power. They don’t tell a man they are upset because they don’t actually want to work on an issue. They just want him groveling. A man will greatly appreciate and notice if you say, “Hey. You’re being a tool, but before you get upset, let me explain.” Men like this type of efficiency because, well, life is short. And, as it gets shorter, they’ll look for women who are efficient in their fighting methods.

You don’t need a babysitter

When the two of you go out to a bar or to a party, he wants to feel free to wander and socialize without having to check in on you or, even worse, keep you at his side the whole time. Most men at one point dated the girl was great with when they were alone but, she didn’t make the greatest impression on friends his because she kept to herself when out.

You’re sexually generous

Every guy wants a girl who’s game for whatever in the bedroom! Or in the car…in the coat closet at a party…or just whenever and wherever. Most men put up with a few women in their their life who were not sexually adventurous or even interested. Those days of instigating any type of sexual activity—including foreplay—and barely being a pleasure recipient are over. Eventually, he learns it doesn’t have to be that way. You’ll gain major points if you gladly instigate sex, and other things.

You have your own life

A very common reason men state for their relationships ending is that the woman didn’t have her own life, and when a woman doesn’t have her own life, this comes with a whole slew of problems. She gets mad about every little thing because she has nothing else to think about. She is very needy because she doesn’t have friends or a career she is passionate about taking up her time. She can even become depressed and begin to drain a man of energy as he tries to cheer her up. No matter how beautiful or pleasant a woman is, men begin to wise up and ask, “Do you like your job? Are you passionate about it? Do you have a lot of friends?”

He doesn’t have to worry

A man wants to be able to hang out on the couch with you and not worry if you wish you were watching something different on TV, or if you wish you had ordered a different kind of takeout, or if you wish you were doing something else entirely. Guessing games get old, and eventually men just want women who say what they want. Also, they want someone they can just hang out with and not have to entertain, without her getting offended that he isn’t trying to entertain her.

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