LeToya Luckett: Branded

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Are there any new forms of revenue for artists that did not exist 10 years ago? If so, are the profits sustainable?

Absolutely, there are different routes you can go to generating revenue online with various websites. Ring tones are another new form of revenue for artists that didn’t really exist 10 years ago. Whether the profits are sustainable depends on the specifics of the artist’s deal.

The same technologies that caused record sales to plummet, also introduced artists to new ways to interact with their fans. Have these technologies developed your relationship with your fans?

Absolutely, Twitter has brought me much closer to my fans. I am able to answer their questions and/or get feedback on what they want out of the next album. It has definitely bridged the gap between my fans and I. I love it.

Are lower record sales a fair trade off for increased fan interactions?

Not really. I love the fact that I am closer to my fans, no question. But when you spend months, sometimes years of hard work creating an album and someone can download it for free, it’s like working all week and not getting your paycheck. Imagine, if someone worked all week and approached their boss about not getting and he said, ‘You know what, I think we are going to turn this into an internship,’ and you are not compensated, that is exactly how it feels.

Against odds, you have made platinum records, owned a business and starred in movies. What is the message you hope your brand conveys to your supporters?

To never give up and always have hope. It’s also important to have a plan A, B and C, never putting all your eggs in one basket. I hope they also realize that you have to be a go-getter and chase what you want in life. Nothing will be handed to you. Finally, it will not be easy but if you stay focused on your goals and don’t get lost in the challenges, you only have success to gain.

What are goals for the Letoya brand in the next five years?

In five years, I plan to have two to three more albums, more movies and endorsements from several brands. I would also like to open another Lady L location and begin developing a product of my own to brand.

Are there any developments on your third album?

I am in the studio working on it now; with this album I am trying a lot of new things!

What can people expect this summer in your forthcoming movie Killers?

Killers is action/thriller/comedy led by Asthon Kutcher and Katerine Heigl. I play a character by the name of Amanda, she is Katherine Hiegl’s colleague and best friend. I am very spunky, fun and remain optimistic about life. It will be in theaters in June.

Want more Lady L? Follow the songstress on Twitter, @LetoyaLuckettor purchase the highly acclaimed album, “Lady Love”.

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