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Ok, so the likelihood of us, regular, around the way girls, ever getting an opportunity to date a celebrity will probably never, ever present itself. Most of us, over the age of thirteen have realized this. While the glitz and glam of being on the arm of a famous beau would be fabulous (at times), there are some men who just would not cut it. No matter how much money these celeb men have, it can’t hide the fact that they’re either ignorant, lame, or down right repulsive. Check out the men we’re talking about and let us know if you agree.

1. Ray J
Any time we talk about ridiculous men on MN, Ray J’s name always comes up…always. Why? Because the brotha is just lame on so many levels. And the only thing worse than a lame man, is a lame man that thinks he’s actually doing something. Ray J is that dude. Sure he had a couple of hit singles. I’m not gonna lie, I two-stepped to “Se*y Can I” and someone even gave me a copy of his album “Raydiation” that I actually listened to, sue me. But all of this doesn’t excuse the fact he followed it all up with a VH1 reality, dating show, “For the Love of Ray J” where the extent of his wackness was confirmed in several of his “confessional” style interviews. And if that wasn’t enough, we saw how this grown man was so content to act like a rebellious teenager in another reality show, “Family Business.” Judging by his behavior it really is hard to believe that Ray J is 31.


2. Chris Brown

I can hear the boos and hisses from #teambreezy already. Those folks are beyond reason, so if you’re a card-holding member of Team Breezy, you might as well click over to the next slide, because I have no qualms about this one.

Now, as for the rest of you, I’m not one of those people who believes a man can’t change and grow. What I do believe though, is that when said man has changed or matured, there will be signs of growth clearly exhibited in his behavior. While I’d like to think that Chris probably won’t hit a woman again, I still believe he hasn’t addressed the real issue, his anger problems. And the position he’s in isn’t particularly conducive for doing so. Here you are young, attractive, rich, wildly successful, with a whole bunch of people, who want nothing more than to tell you “yes.” Yes to whatever you say, yes to whatever you do, yes, even at the expense of your personal development. It’s sad. And for that reason I have no “hate” for Chris Brown, just pity.

3. Ying Yang Twins

Huh, What? The Ying Yang Twins? When was the last time they were relevant? Right around the time when “The Whisper Song” dropped. They haven’t been on the scene in a while because people finally wised up to their utter lack of substance. But back in the earlier part of the last decade, the Ying Yang Twins were a part of virtually every black “club” experience. I know I wasn’t the only one dancing to their songs. (Remember, “Say I Yi Yi”?) They weren’t saying anything of substance but when you’re in your primal mind instead of your conscious one, they provide a great soundtrack. That being said, they are hardly men we could ever take seriously. Actually listening to their lyrical content will make you question their collective intelligence and your own, really. If that wasn’t enough, any pair of grown men who walk around screaming “Haaannh” canNOT be a viable dating option.

4. The Game

Two weeks ago, The Game would not have made this list; not because we would’ve dated him, but because we just weren’t thinking about him like that. But in light of recent events, spitting indoors, whether on someone or not, and allowing his cronies to physically assault a woman on stage, while he watched and encouraged, are just too much to stomach. Then to make matters worse, The Game went where a lot of entertainers go when they have something to say: Twitter. One woman mentioned him on Twitter, asking about his reckless behavior and like he did in a recent issue of XXL, he simply made a bad situation worse by claiming the spit didn’t land on the woman. (Though that was his intention.) According to the rapper, the couple was throwing things and spitting at him. That would make anyone angry. But you’re the celebrity. Why didn’t you have security escort them out or at least walk away? No word on the boob grabbing, yet. Either way these two incidents really shine a light on his character and further confirm why we never checked for him in the first place.

5. Flavor Flav

Sigh. Looking at this brotha just makes my heart hurt. You know why? Because William Jonathan Drayton Jr. was declared a musical prodigy at age five, eventually learning to play 18 instruments. And if you look at pictures from his youth, he was actually quite cute. But unfortunately, we came to learn that Flav was and is willing to sell his soul and even his talent to make a couple of dollars. He’s got to know that his behavior is complete bufoonery. And yet he doesn’t seem to care. No thanks.

6. Lil Wayne

I’m sure under all those tattoos Lil Wayne might not be the worst looking guy around. And even though I think he’s overrated, I can’t deny that the brotha is very talented. Most of his songs are misses for me, but every once in a while he’ll create something I can really appreciate. That being said, his plethora of baby mommas, his disparaging comments about darker complected women and his gold and diamond encrusted grill are just sickening.

7. Wacka Flocka Flame

Full disclosure: Wacka Flocka is actually really attractive to me. His hair, his smile and those lips (!) are just so right. Did you see him with the puppy for the Peta campaign? So adorable. But, when Wacka Flocka Flame opens his mouth, all bets, and I do mean all bets, are off. He’s practically unintelligible. Ok, so he has an accent, that’s not so bad right? Wrong. Not only can you barely understand what he has to say, when you finally do piece it together, it’s clear that you’ve wasted your time. Whether he’s rapping or speaking, he’s not…saying…anything! The perfect example of this took place when Rocsi and Terrence, from 106 and Park tried to get his thoughts on voting and education.

Point proven.

Who are some celebrities you could not see yourself dating…ever?

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