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Since crossing into the highly anticipated, yet arguably overrated terrain of adulthood, some women have become frequent users of the words ‘I’m grown’, as if our adulthood requires some sort of proclamation. The use of these words is usually a result of receiving unsolicited advice whether from strangers or some of our closest friends. So it’s likely that if you have become accustomed to spurting out these words, you probably attempt to stay away from offering unwelcomed advice to other adults, even your girlfriends.

But although a grownup will do what a grownup wants to do because, well they can, there are some instances when we should stop, or at least try to stop our grown girlfriends from doing things we know they will probably regret. After all, that’s what friends are for; and even grown girls need extra guidance at times. From simple reminders to carefully planned interventions, these are seven things you should stop your girlfriends from doing before they regret them.

Buying that new car when she really can’t afford it

You’ve witnessed her financial irresponsibility with small purchases yet remained mum. But when her irresponsibility has elevated to larger purchases, it may be best to intervene. If you know she has a Honda Civic budget but Mercedes Benz dreams, it’s okay to bring your girl back down to a responsible reality. A simple reminder of the debt she can accumulate may do the trick.

Stalking her ex

Besides the fact that you don’t want to have to bail your friend out of jail, you should intervene when love and heartache cause her to publicly jade her character. Friends are supposed to let us know when we’re tripping; and calling a man’s phone consistently, whether through tears or rage is never a good look.

Saying negative things about herself

A good girlfriend should be there to pick her friend up when she’s down. She’s there to console her friends when circumstances cause a rise in insecurities., you know breaking up with her man, then questioning if she’s pretty enough, etc.  As a friend you should always stop your girlfriend from speaking negatively of herself or situation. Venting is cool but criticizing herself isn’t.

Driving while intoxicated

It’s as self-explanatory as the billboard postings, “Friends Don’t Let Friends Drive Drunk.” If your girlfriend has had too many drinks and could potentially be impaired, you shouldn’t allow her to drive. Grown or not, this intervention could save her life and/or someone else’s.

Talking about another friend behind her back

While you may not be able to stop your friend from talking about another friend behind her back, you can ensure that it doesn’t happen in your presence. Besides possibly being caught in the middle between both friends, you don’t want your friend to think that this behavior is acceptable.  Sometimes people don’t realize how negative their actions are until someone tells them.

Going back to a man after he abused her

Love (and even infatuation) can blind even the best of us, causing us to make less than responsible decisions. When your friend is in an emotionally or physically abusive relationship, one of the best things you can do is help her leave if she hasn’t or encourage her not to go back once she’s left. Situations like this may require some serious intervention but are much-needed if you care about your friend.

Cheating on her man

Karma is real, and there is no harm in reminding a friend of her (Karma’s) payback. Although it’s best to stay out of other people’s relationships, encouraging a friend not to cheat is valuable advice that she probably already knows but could possibly use some reinforcement.

What have you stopped or at least tried to stop your friends from doing?

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