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In the newest installment of Tales From TikTok, the spotlight shines on a sassy toddler named Ny Ny. In a moment of frustration, the adorable cutie attempted to express herself by raising her middle finger at her grandmother. However, much to everyone’s amusement, the adorable little one ended up raising her pointer finger instead, creating a hilarious moment that was caught on camera.

On March 19, a video shared to the @NyNy_Granny20 account captured little Ny Ny being dragged out of the house by the hood of her coat during a feud with her grandmother. 

“Leave me alone,” the tot, who donned a cute blue ribbon on top of her braids shouted, as her grandmother pushed her out the door. The little one could be seen holding her iPad and bag presumably with her belongings.    

“Don’t come back no more, baby!” her granny barked back. 

As she walked away from the front of her granny’s home, Ny Ny turned around and tried to flip the bird at her grandmother, but ultimately failed, raising her pointer finger instead. In the background, a family member picking up the toddler, who was also filming the hilarious exchange, burst into a fit of laughter at the little one’s sassy move. 


TikTok netizens reacted to the toddler raising up the middle finger at her grandmother.

People in the comments section couldn’t get enough of the video, which has garnered over 2 million likes on TikTok. 

One user commented, “At this point, THEY WAS SICK OF EACH OTHER.”

Another fan on TikTok penned, “The firm grip on the coat, lawddd grandma was fed up honey.” 

A third person wrote, “It’s the wrong finger for me.”

A fourth user chimed in, “She gave her ‘a finger’ not ‘the finger.’”


Little Ny Ny has a track record of mischief caught on camera.

In a video shared to the @NyNy_Granny20 TikTok account on April 22, the little cutie was caught hanging up the phone on her granny, cheekily instructing her to “stop calling.” In a playful attempt to mend fences, granny called back, offering her chips, but ended up teasing her by saying she’d have to wait, before hanging up in retaliation.

 In a subsequent video, she was also filmed rolling her eyes at her grandma. Check out the hilarious posts below.


Little Ny Ny is something else, right? What did you think of this latest edition of Tales From TikTok?


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