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Rashon Khan, the former bodyguard of the late great Richard Pryor and Flip Wilson, believes Hollywood has a sinister agenda to deplete the wealth of big Black celebrities. During an interview with Comedy Hype April 2, Khan alleged that he witnessed the wealth of Wilson vanish shortly after his passing in 1999.  

He stated that Wilson’s children were mistreated within days of his death. Khan alleged that all of the comic’s “personal belongings” were removed from his residence and that access to his home was restricted, purportedly because white individuals in Tinseltown, whom he labeled as the “enemy,” had control over his will and finances.

“White people literally took everything. They took Flip’s children’s clothes. They took everything,” Khan said.

“…You think while you young, you making this money, you got it. They not waiting while you young, they waiting for you to get sick and you dead.”


Khan asserted that he personally witnessed the wealth Flip had accumulated. Prior to his passing, the comedian and actor had taken Khan to visit his various properties in the Central Market area of Downtown LA and his expansive dude ranch in Texas, which stretched “as far as your eyes could see.” However, Khan claimed that no one in Flip’s family was aware of his wealth, let alone how to safeguard it after his death.

When questioned about how Flip might have been easily exploited, Khan suggested that his wealth was depleted because he believes Black stars often entrust their estate and wealth planning to individuals outside of their family or trusted circle, leaving them vulnerable to exploitation.

“You ain’t let nobody Black know you’ve got it. You certainly not letting nobody in your family [know you] got it. We are in the understanding of this is in the will, but you put the enemy in charge of your will. That’s who do the paperwork. Your kids don’t know. In your mind, they’ll get this in the end, but they don’t know. Why not let them know, now, so that you can continue to guide them while you know.”


The former bodyguard of Pryor and Wilson said he worries for stars like Oprah and Kevin Hart.

Later in the clip, Khan expressed concern for celebrities like Oprah who lack children to inherit their wealth, unlike Pryor, who had offspring and made it a priority to protect his wealth for his family, according to the ex-bodyguard. Khan disclosed that Pryor’s wife, Jennifer Lee, oversees his estate and finances, as well as his legacy.

Although he is a big fan of Kevin Hart’s “enthusiasm” and career, Khan voiced apprehension that the comedian could be the next target for wealth exploitation in Hollywood.

“It’s the plan they have for your ass bro, that’s what you got to get ready for,” he cautioned.

“How are they gonna bring you down? Look at our artists at the end… How every artist that reached the peak at the end didn’t have shit? That’s a plan…that was orchestrated,” Khan alleged.


In the YouTube comments section, viewers couldn’t agree more with Khan’s cautionary tale. 

“Don’t put your enemies in charge of your will. Wake up people,” wrote one user.

Another netizen likened Wilson’s wealth horror story to that of Wendy Williams, who currently has no control or access to her finances due to a court-appointed guardianship.

“All Facts!! Wendy Williams is a great example. Her own family has no control over her money or can even access it. And Wendy is still very much alive.”

Several users said it was important for Black celebs to take finances, estate and wealth planning into their own hands instead of relying on wealth advisers for resources.

“Get a Will, a Trust, and name an executor FROM YOUR OWN FAMILY!!!” one user penned.


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