Chrisean Rock has turned a new leaf. In an April 25 interview, she revealed that she has stopped smoking and drinking and is trying to do better for her son, Chrisean Jr.

The 24-year-old rapper and television personality was sitting at a table, enjoying a meal and holding Chrisean Jr. in her lap when the video began. She said, “I stopped. Drinking and smoking.”

Rock gestured to the food she was eating and continued, “This is good, and I worked out so hard today to have an appetite. Because usually, when you’re used to smoking, you don’t have an appetite. You have to smoke before you eat.” 

Rock said that her son is part of the reason she’s begun to focus on her physical health. 

“Look at a shirt, too. It says Jesus. That’s his name, that’s his middle name.”

The interviewer acknowledged that the boy’s name had a catchy ring to it. He said, “That’s cool. Chrisean Jesus Malone that’s a famous name right there. Junior is gonna grow up to be a big time.”

Rock and the interviewer took a moment to say grace for the food before the interviewer stopped asking questions to capture some heartwarming moments between the mother and her son.

Commenters under the video, posted to Instagram, praised Rock for putting in the work to try to give her son a more present and positive mother figure. Others, however, pointed out that something seems to be going on with her son. 

One comment read, “Keep doing your thing, boo god bless you and your beautiful son.”

“Cutest baby ever! I don’t care what y’all say!! I’m just wondering when he’ll grow. He has been that little since he hit the scene.”

“I think she is giving her son all the love she is capable of. No, she isn’t perfect. Who is? Her God got her! Let’s slow down on the judgment,” Another wrote.

A user expressed their disappointment over all of the judgment people were passing onto Rock, “Omg, people are so judgemental! Speaking negatively about a child! I’m happy for them both being alive, and I pray for good health and healing. GOD has truly watched over them, considering the life she had endured. Only GOD can judge. I like her and have always prayed for a better life for her and her beautiful child. She’s young and is growing up and finding herself. We, as adults and African AMERICANS, should do more and set examples for our youths of today. They are the future.”

Others couldn’t help but notice the baby displaying odd behavior for his age. A commenter wrote, “She’s gonna quit smoking and drinking for football but couldn’t quit while pregnant with her son is CRAZY.”

One mother added, “I have never ever said anything about her baby, but if he’s seven months, shouldn’t he be grabbing for the food? When she stands him up, his legs should automatically spring down. Something is possibly wrong. I’m praying that it’s not. But I raised two children. Something is off!”

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