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Feminine lifestyle strategist and dating authority April Mason delivered a compelling argument on the topic of submissiveness during her recent feature on the Black Out podcast on April 3. 

In conversation with hosts Rashad Bilal and Ian Dunlap, Mason argued that for men to cultivate a supportive and conducive environment for women to embrace submission, they must first address and resolve any lingering trauma or resentment towards their mothers.

According to Mason, men who demand submission often struggle to find a submissive woman grounded in her femininity because they have never seen their mother “chosen as somebody’s wife.”

The dating enthusiast continued, “It becomes a problem and instead of them just being that masculine man, what they try to do is be overbearing, to try to get women to do things because they don’t have a real example. That’s why a lot of these podcasters have these conversations. I’m like, ‘child, give me the mic because y’all mommas wasn’t even chosen…they don’t have a blueprint, and there’s some anger there.”

Mason pointed to football star Russell Wilson as an example, suggesting that some men might resent him because of his strong masculine qualities, which they perceive as necessary for attracting a submissive partner —qualities they themselves may lack.

“Why do you think these men hate on Russell Wilson? They tell us to choose better. Ciara chose better. Now he’s a simp because he took her with her kids… so how can you tell us to choose better?” Mason added during her appearance on Blackout. “She got a good guy… you cannot give a woman that safe space until you’ve created that healing place within yourself to really deal with your issues.”

Netizens react to Mason’s critique on submission during her Blackout appearance.

In the comments section, fans couldn’t agree more with Mason’s hot take on submission. One user said it was “twisted” of people to criticize Wilson for being a good father and husband to Ciara.

“People trying to put down others, and they have never accomplished anything, have never seen a loving 2 parent relationship, and grew up with a life always filled with drama. Just because social media gives everyone a platform doesn’t mean that everyone should speak on an issue or topic.”

Another user commented, “I’ve never understood the narrative of Russell Wilson being a Simp. Dude married Ciara, who was a lot of our childhood crushes. He has more than enough resources to take care of her and her child she. Plus, she has her own resources, and her child’s father has resources as well. Niggaz just hating.”

Some online commentators suggested that certain men in today’s dating landscape could be grappling with the trauma of feeling accountable for their mothers not being chosen in marriage or that their mothers may have made poor decisions when selecting a partner.

“They mad at their mothers for failing to replace their deadbeat fathers with a man like Russell,” penned one Instagram user. “They wish they had a Russell in their life to show them love and acceptance. Instead, their mommies bring men around them that could care less. Those men were only emotionally invested as long as they were climbing on top of their mothers, that’s REALLY why they’re mad.”

Another netizen commented, “Here is a fact that won’t many of these men want to talk about. Some of their mama’s had a man trying to choose them, but they were cock blocking their mothers from good men. Being nasty and disrespectful to Mr. Earl and Mr. Otis. Not wanting to grow up and move out. Causing a ruckus because they didn’t want their mothers’ attention taken away from them. Trying to be her son and her man. Ask me how I know. I have a whole grown old ass brother that did this to my mom.”

A social media user named @KingSize380 attempted to break down the Russell Wilson debate on Blackout. He contended that many men are apprehensive about becoming stepfathers due to negative experiences with their own stepfathers during their upbringing.

“I think what the men are saying is that men don’t want to be a stepdaddy, so choose better before you have kids…. Or at least don’t have more than one child with a man you don’t marry or want to be with long term… most of us had stepfathers, which was not favorable for us,” the user commented.

Tune in below to hear April’s complete discussion with Rashad and Ian on Blackout, where she delves further into the intricacies of submission, exploring what it entails for both men and women to discover a high-value partner when dating and the secret to finding lasting love.


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