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The latest edition of Tales From TikTok comes from a user named Cyn Dixon, who, on Aug. 31, 2023, challenged a Black man to call up his significant other and put her on the spot to find out what his “biggest flex” in the bedroom was.

Before initiating the call, the brother, identified as Teddy Too Stupid, claimed that his penis was top tier underneath the sheets. However, Dixon wasn’t convinced.

“Call ’em and let me know,” the TikTok influencer said.


Teddy was delivered a big blow when he called up his partner to find out what she truly thought about his sex game. 

“Hey, girl. How my sex game?” he asked his lady confidently on speakerphone.

After a brief pause, Teddy’s partner responded, “Honestly. It’s okay. You can work on it a little bit.”

Taken aback by the comment, the young man then asked his lady to clarify if it was his timing or the girth of his penis that was trash in the bedroom. His significant other revealed that she was unsatisfied with the way he “put it down” during sex.

“Oh, so, it’s the timing then? Let me call you back. You’re embarrassing me,” Teddy said as Dixon fell to the floor in laughter after the awkward call.

The humble brother didn’t let the embarrassing moment bruise his ego. Teddy laughed off the humiliating exchange. “Shit, April fools!” he joked at the end of the hilarious video.

Netizens on TikTok lit up the comments section with reactions to the funny clip. Some users claimed that they could see trouble coming from a mile away for Teddy, judging by the way his partner hesitated before she gave her honest answer.  

“Soon as she said, ‘Ummm’ I was like damn,” one user wrote.

Another person commented, “I knew by how she repeated the question.”

A third TikTok user penned, “Damn, she been waiting to get that off her chest.”

How can men improve their sex game?

If your sex game isn’t up to par like Teddy’s, there are several ways men can improve their performance in the bedroom. Medium notes that some men can shift their focus to foreplay to try and spice things up underneath the sheets. Taking time for foreplay can enhance arousal and increase pleasure for both partners. Don’t be afraid to try different positions, too. Experiment with different techniques, sex toys and activities to find what works best.

Consider experimenting with this technique. In March 2023, sex guru King Hundo took to YouTube with a spicy tutorial on how to give women the “best” orgasms. According to the sex expert, you can really take your partner to O town using the “Yang” technique. It can be achieved by dropping your hips and moving with a “scooping motion.” This angle puts the penis in the perfect position to hit the G-Spot seamlessly, according to the sex professor.

Read more on it below… this Tales From TikTok was wild!

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