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Pastor and YouTuber Tim Ross shares his thoughts about marriage and men opining on women’s appearances. 

On the Dec. 11 episode of his popular show, The Basement With Tim Ross, the podcaster criticized men complaining about their lack of fulfillment in marriage. Ross cautioned men to check their ego at the door before addressing some of the issues that may be present in their marriage. The pastor said he was certain men would have their egos destroyed if their wives “kept it a buck” about what they weren’t happy with — especially regarding physical appearance.

“I’m going to keep it a buck with you. She never signed up for 5 inches,” Ross boldly asserted. “Why are you worried about her body shape? She gained a few pounds… what she’s never told you is she had an 8-inch peen, and she married five. She died to the thought of the 8-inch peen and accepted your five. And if it’s five and you got a gut, you can’t see it.”

Ross continued, “Your ego is too fragile. That’s why she never brought it up. You have no idea how many women are spearing men’s egos in the bedroom and counseling because you’d never get over it. You’d never get over it if she really told you how she felt about your penis. You would never get over it if she really told you how she felt about your teeth. You would never get over it if she really kept it a buck about your back hair.”

Before launching into his fiery critique, the Embassy City Church founder claimed that it was “impossible” to feel fulfilled at all times in a marriage. The pastor revealed that although he’s been married to his wife Juliette for 24 years, there are times when their relationship has been stagnant; however, he has remained committed.

“You don’t get to 24 thinking that you’re going to be filled every day,” he added.


Viewers react to Tim Ross’s thoughts on The Basement.

Ross’s thoughts on The Basement struck a chord with women on social media. After the pastor shared a clip of his viral episode on Instagram, women flooded the comments section, noting how Ross was spot on with his analysis.

“Let’s not forget the number of women who have never experienced the big O. Faked it for years to spare his ego,” one user wrote.

A second fan revealed that she had to put her husband in check after he “pinched” her love handles and told her she needed to “start working out.” 

“I looked up at him and said when you get rid of that big ass gut, you come and talk to me about my roles,” the female netizen hilariously penned. “His eyes damn near popped out of his head, and you better believe he NEVER talked about my body again.”

Triggered by Ross’s honest critique, some men slammed the YouTube star for his raw and unfiltered opinion. Several male users argued that the pastor was being divisive with his comment and “shaming” men with 5-inch penises.

“Man, this is probably the most uninteresting video I’ve seen all week,” one male user commented. “People do not have control over the size of their penis, breast, or nose. However, people have control over taking care of their bodies and ensuring they are healthy and at an appropriate weight. Your discussion of this trivial matter is solely to gain views and shame men with 5-inch penises.”

A few upset male netizens claimed that all hell would break loose if they brought up their partner’s lack of “purity” before marriage.  

“Women never want to put their purity on the stand to be questioned,” one bothered brother penned in the comments.

Watch the full episode of The Basement With Tim Ross below. Thoughts?


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