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The multitalented Smart Guy disclosed his mother and babysitter molested him at a young age during a sit-down on Breakbeat Media’s Trappin Anonymous.

In Episode 39 of Trappin Anonymous—released on YouTube on June 28, 2023—rapper Smart Guy detailed his strained relationship with his mother and the anger that possessed him for a while.

A primary factor for his anger toward the matriarch was his innocence and childhood stolen from him by his mother, babysitter and his mother’s boyfriend. Smart Guy divulged that his mother molested him once or twice, making him aware of lust and sexual energy as a child.

“I never felt no feelings of lust for my mother, but it just made me aware,” he said. “So, now, when I got around girls, it wasn’t the same. I was aware of my private parts. I was aware of their private parts. So, I think it gave me a different level of sexual awareness a little too early.”

Smart Guy stated his babysitter also stole his innocence. His babysitter was an older woman and the daughter of his mom’s friend. The rapper recalled that his babysitter molesting him affected him more because of the different perspectives between his mom’s behavior and the babysitter’s.

“I also was messing with my babysitter,” he explained. “That situation affected me more than my mother because…when a boy is molested by a girl, it’s looked at as a cool thing. However, it desensitizes you sexually and emotionally, and it speeds up a process where you don’t have the maturity to understand how to compartmentalize these new sexual feelings and emotions that you have.”

Smart Guy noticed himself becoming a more sexual person around the age of 7 or 8. The lack of love from his mother and his newfound sexual nature negatively impacted him mentally and emotionally and exuded into his relationships with women.

“I spent a long time searching for my mother’s love from girls, putting more pressure on them, and they could feel it, and then they would run for the hills when it got too thick. So, now that triggered my abandonment issues, and now I’m mad, and I’m chasing girls,” he said.

Smart Guy discussed how his mother’s boyfriend entered the bathroom while the rapper was in the bathtub. He clarified that around that time, he was entirely “aware.”  He said his mom’s boyfriend pulled his penis out, but the rapper caught on to what the man’s intentions were, and he bolted out the window butt naked.

Since slavery, Black men have been portrayed as violent criminals, thugs, sexual predators and sexually aggressive, leading many to disbelieve that Black men could be sexual assault and abuse victims.

Additionally, the racial biases and misconceptions on sexual assault drive society to see Black men as sexual assault perpetrators and not victims.

Similar to how Smart Guy discussed the varied perceptions between his mom’s sexual abuse and his babysitter’s sexual abuse, certified counselor Rebekah Montgomery told Counseling Today that Black men struggle to see abuse from a woman as sexual or rape.

“If you’re sexually abused by a woman, it’s like, ‘Congratulations! Good for you,” Montgomery said.

Now, if we tie that to the poor portrayal of Black men, the misconceptions of rape, and racial biases, we see why only 1.1% of Black men report a history of abuse.


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