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If this ain’t the truth! TikTokers Carpet PicnicTime showed how different birthday turn-ups hit once you surpass 40.

The comedic duo posted a rib-tickling skit on TikTok Jan. 8, with the caption “Birthday Turn-Ups after 40. In the skit, the Carpet PicnicTime stars arrived at a posh hotel for a birthday weekend celebration.

“Oh, baby, it’s up in here, ain’t it,” one said while walking in.

The video displayed the two pregaming and turning all the way up to “Outside” by BeatKing.

The ladies then broke out their finest attire to wear outside, hyping each other up.

After laying out their clothes, their plans took a U-turn when the friend with a loose ponytail hopped in the bed with a robe on, claiming she needed at least 10 minutes.

Still singing about being outside, the friend with a braided ponytail got in the other bed with a bonnet, hoop earrings and robe, gearing up to tear into a bag of hot fries. She proceeded to remove one earring.

Moments later, the clip showed somebody’s lashes stuck to the liquor bottle with the digital clock on the nightstand reading 8:58 p.m. “Wap” (the friend with the bonnet and hoops) was out like a light with a Hershey’s candy bar near her.

The other friend, who was awake, decided to check on her bae and kids and inform him that “Wap” had fallen asleep.

Social media cut up in the Carpet PicnicTime comments about how the creators spoke nothing but the truth and gave their two cents.

“We just need a little break from the house. We ain’t really going outside,” one person wrote under their TikTok video.

“That 10-minute lay down be turning into a full 8+ hrs sleep,” another said.

“Once that earring came off, I knew what time it was,” a user wrote.

“The party already happened when they walked into the room,” one person commented.

Carpet PicnicTime pinned the video on their Instagram, and commenters didn’t disappoint.

An Instagram user disagreed with wasting money on a hotel just to stay in.

“Don’t waste your money…cancel those reservations…you can watch TV at home, text at home and dance at home!!

While many agreed, others pointed out that it was a break from the kids.

“If you do this, you not coming with me! ’Cause I could’ve stayed home! Nope.”

“Only thing y’all didn’t do is Door Dash something to eat! This is entirely accurate otherwise.”

“See, once you put that robe on and climbed under those blankets…BAYBAYYYY, it’s a done deal for me. I can’t do nothing once I get comfortable. Talking about ‘give me ten minutes.’ GURRLLLL.”

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