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If you think Nick Cannon has too many children, wait until you hear this fertile father’s crazy story below. On May 6, a TikTok user named @ReactionNuke uploaded a video of a Black father who proudly claimed he had 46 children by 23 different women. Yes, you read that right. 

It’s unclear if Nuke was related to the man or if he was just trying to stun other community members on TikTok with the dad’s wild baby story, but hey, it worked and certainly grabbed our attention.

In the short clip, the Black father can be seen in what appears to be a recorded video call chatting about his big blended family. “Now, I have 46 children, and I got a woman in my life who’s trying to have three more right now, as we talking,” the proud papa of 46 said. 

The interviewer paused in astonishment before asking the Black dad to clarify if he heard him correctly.

“So let me be clear, so we can know. So, you have 46 kids, and you finna have three more? Got Damn! How many baby mamas, bro?”

Without hesitation, the dad responded, “Well, it’s 22, but it’s finna be 23.”

Now, for all we know, this feral father could be making it work with all of the 23 women in his life. Maybe he’s holding down the fort for his 46 kids, too, but social media users didn’t see eye to eye with the patriarch’s baby-making ways.

Social media users went off on the patriarch across social media.

On TikTok, one user slammed the father for procreating with too many damn women and claimed that he should be “neutered.” Another user compared the father of 46 to Mongolian emperor Ghenghis Khan, who historians claimed had over 100 children toward the end of his reign.

On Instagram, the video was also reposted by Raphouse TV. Users fired off a few more comments about the patriarch’s massive brood. Some users questioned why the women involved in the pappy’s life would want to procreate with him.

“This is Sad !!!! Who in this world wants to be someone 23rd baby mama,” one person penned.

Another user joked, “I hope all 46 don’t look like him.”

Across the globe, there are two other men who could give this proud papa a run for his money in the baby-making game.

In 2021, Ziona Chana, the head of a local Christian sect that practiced polygamy in North East India, passed away, leaving behind 39 wives and 94 children, according to Reuters. 

Chana had a total of 167 members in his massive family. He was also a proud grandfather to 33 grandchildren. 

Initially, reports claimed that Chana’s brood held the title of the world’s largest family, but Winston Blackmore, who runs a polygamous Mormon sect in Canada, may hold the world record. Reuters noted that the religious leader had 150 children from 27 wives with a whopping total of 178 family members.

We’ve got one question, how can they afford all these damn kids?! 

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