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A 26-year-old TiKToker revealed he had a 90-year-old wife at 19, and she left him everything before her death to spite her grandchildren. You read that correctly.

The Tiktoker, under the handle @cerosthegod, did an 11-part series on his page, explaining how he married a 90-year-old woman named Margaret at 19 and inherited her estate.

While part 10 summarizes his entire marriage experience with the 90-year-old, including the aftermath, part one, posted on Aug. 24, dove into how they met and how the marriage came.

According to Ceros, he would visit a Detroit hospital to take advantage of the free coffee and popcorn in the cafeteria because he was homeless. He’d also roam around and speak to the elderly patients and listen to their stories. One day, Margaret stopped him and struck up a conversation with the then-19-year-old, claiming she’d noticed his presence in the establishment for a while. 

She shared her story, precisely about her antipathy for her money-hungry grandchildren waiting for her to kick rocks so they could get their grimy hands on her assets.

Out of nowhere, Margaret asked Ceros if he wanted everything things she had. Confused yet intrigued, Ceros accepted, but Margaret’s offering came with a catch. She wanted to spend her last moments with Ceros.

“‘Will you marry me?'” Ceros recalled Margaret asking. “I said, ‘Whoa, whoa, whoa…you got a house?’ So, she checks out the hospital, and we ended up going down to the courthouses, do all the marriage license nonsense, all that jazz. I go back to her house, and I see just [a] beautiful house with 17 cats, three dogs and two lizards.”

They were married for two months, exactly 54 days.

“During the two months, we went hiking, we went to the zoo, we went to the sand dunes in Michigan, went to Belle Isle, went to Canada, we went ice fishing,” he explained. “I experienced so much with Margaret. It was a core and central part.”

Ceros blithely shared how Margaret “nizzled” his “gozzle.”

“She gave me a fine peckers, too,” he exclaimed. “She took out her dentures and gave me the slumply, glooply. The glopoly gop! Yes, I consummated the marriage! I’m not going to lie to you. It was amazing. I had a great time.”

Unexpectedly, Ceros started developing a love for Margaret.

Unfortunately, after 54 days, Margaret passed away in his arms. The 26-year-old didn’t think he’d grieve Margaret since their marriage was only a couple of months, but he did, and it was hard and lonely.

Ceros ultimately inherited her house and belongings, but trouble would follow, thanks to Margaret’s grandchildren.

One day, the 90-year-old’s grandchildren knocked on Margaret’s door and unexpectedly came face-to-face with Ceros. After asking where their grandmother was, Ceros broke the news that Margaret was “worm food.” He also clarified to them that she didn’t like them since they tried to put her in a mental institution and placed her in a hospital. Margaret’s grandchildren didn’t care how their grandmother felt about them and took action to inherit what wasn’t meant for them.

“I ended up having to go through this whole legal battle…about this entire situation,” Ceros explained in a video posted on Nov 3.

He said he won the legal battle “because [he and Margaret] ended up consummating the marriage.”

He clarified that his late wife didn’t groom him but helped him out of homelessness. Ceros ended up selling Margaret’s huge home because it was meant for a big family, was a lot to clean, and he didn’t want to deal with her grandchildren. He donated Margaret’s animals to neighbors, shelters and friends of his.

With the life insurance and house sale, Ceros accumulated about $111,000, which he gave to homeless people and those in need.

He also moved to Las Vegas to be around sin, and, eventually, the money ran out, and he became a “street pharmacist” before that job didn’t go so well for him. 

Now, he’s happily married in his interracial relationship!

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