Singer-songwriter Chloe Bailey revealed she had been cheated on numerous times. One led to her writing her hit, “Cheatback,” featuring Future.

The “How Does It Feel” singer appeared on the Zach Sang Show podcast to discuss her debut album, In Pieces, on Nov. 8.

Towards the end of the podcast, Chloe revealed she was cheated on when the idea for “Cheatback” came to her.

“So, I got cheated on…I had COVID. I was all in my head and my feelings, so then…I was like, ‘I was never good enough for you. You said you didn’t believe in monogamy.’ All that stuff.”

Despite having COVID, Chloe conjured up the energy to cut the track. Despite the heartbreak, the 25-year-old believes she had to endure the heartache to birth a beautiful creation.


“Sorry that you got cheated on,” the podcast host commented.

With a straight face, the “Treat Me” singer gave a mature response to the host regarding her outlook on cheating.

“It’s all right. Been a couple of times,” she said. “You know, I feel like no matter how bad of a b—h you are, sometimes, n—s will cheat,” she said nonchalantly. “It’s not a you thing; it’s a them thing.”

She continued, “Anytime I find out somebody cheats, I move on. And they don’t believe me. I’ll tell them in the beginning, I’m like, ‘You know, we’re imperfect humans, but if you cheat on me, I’m out.’ They don’t believe me till their numbers are blocked.”

Asked how she found out about her exes cheating, Chloe responded, “God, Instagram, life, all the above. Them not putting away evidence — panties, hair ties…a lash extension on the shower floor that’s not mine, and I haven’t been wearing lashes for a while.”

Ms. Chloe ensured she collected enough evidence against the cheater before presenting it to them so they couldn’t deny it. 

“I can’t be gaslit out of it,” she said.

Chloe, aka heartbreaker, snapped when she exclaimed she would initiate the breakup, not the other way around. 

She also stated that the post-break-up glow-up is the best part.

“Even though I broke up with the person, I’m still crying. I’ll be on the treadmill, on the stairmaster, just to do something to get my mind off of it.”

Chloe told the host she used to pray to go through heartbreak to produce albums like Adele’s 19, but now the 25-year-old is tired of games and heartbreak. 

Chloe and her sister, Halle Bailey, proved they aren’t the ones to mess with.

During an Ungodly Tea Time Instagram Live session on July 30, 2023, the singers read a story about a person’s dad cheating on their mom and butt-dialing them in the middle of the spicy act.

After Chloe asked her sister about what she would do if she were the person’s mother, Halle said she would listen to and record her husband cheating. Next, she’d cook her husband a lovely meal and lead him on before playing his cheating audio and tossing the food in his face.

Full interview available below.



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