Yung Miami and Saucy Santana are currently embroiled in a heated internet spat with infamous media star DJ Akademiks. Both parties went in on the ill-famed Twitch streamer after he accused Yung Miami of being homophobic during an interview with DJ Vlad on Oct. 28. Akademiks also sparked tension with the famous rappers when he claimed the City Girls’ music career was obsolete. He also poked fun at Santana’s BBL.

On Oct. 30, Santana took to his Instagram Stories to drag Akademiks after the controversial podcaster told him to “pull up” to his headquarters in Newark, New Jersey, to hash out their online beef in person during a fiery Twitch stream.

Santana, 30, threatened to beat the brakes off the loudmouth internet star, taunting him to come “outside” and square up.

“You see what type of nigga we dealing with right now? Pull up to your headquarters? Niggas is in the streets. I want to meet in the road,” the “Material Girl” hitmaker exclaimed.

“We want to meet you outside. I don’t want to pull up to no headquarters, bitch. Corporate ass nigga…. Let’s get active!”

Further along in his heated diatribe, Saucy slammed Akademiks for making fun of his BBL during his viral interview with DJ Vlad.

“After I beat you, I’m going to f—k you in yo a— because you’re a bitch a— nigga. That’s what we do to you,” he shouted.

“You always mothaf—king pressing a BBL. I got a thick ass and b—h you a BBW!”

Santana’s fiery Instagram Story caught the attention of Yung Miami, who instantly jumped in to support the “Bop Bop” rapper’s plea for a fight with Akademiks.

Posting a screenshot from Santana’s video, Miami captioned the post with a text overlay that read, “And when I send you this, that means meet me in the streets pussasss ho!!”


Tension sparked following Akademiks’ interview with DJ Vlad.

During his viral interview, Akademiks criticized Yung Miami for calling him a “batty boy” on social media, after he claimed the Miami-bred femcee’s “only talent was pimping men.”

The controversial podcaster told DJ Vlad that it was “ironic” Yung Miami would use the homophobic Jamaican slur considering that her best friend Saucy Santana is gay.


“I’ll definitely say this about Caresha, Yung Miami. I believe a lot of Black women is why the levels of homophobia is what it is,” Akademiks explained.

“Those people who usually have gay friends, right? Cause, you know, women always say they have a gay best friend. Let them get mad at a straight dude, they’ll try to belittle you by calling you gay.”

The infamous media personality continued, “How could you have disdain or even be using those terms towards those type of people, if you love who your best friend happens to be? But it goes into a lot of deeper issues there. It’s a lot of coping. I think these people are generally unhappy.”


Akademiks’ eyebrow-raising remarks prompted Santana to fire back. 

“Akademiks, you keep talking about what the fuck Caresha said to you, but how she feel about you, is how she feel about you,” Santana explained in a recent Instagram Story.

“Me being her best friend, it don’t have nothing to f–king do with me. In the hood, and in a lot of urban cultures, when you see boys that are acting feminine, that are being messy, that are being extra and doing f*g shit, that’s what you address them as,” the rapper said, before urging the DJ to “pull up” to Yung Miami’s Halloween party so that they can address their heated beef in person.


Akademiks claimed the City Girls’ career was over. 

During a livestream on Oct. 29, Akademiks sparked tension with Yung Miami when he claimed the City Girls’ career was “completely over.”

“They just did the most pathetic interview I just seen recently. And we need to hold some of these makeshift, chameleon, non-talented, lazy, non-passionate people accountable,” the fiery personality opined without a lick of shame.

“You see the City Girls are the definition of people who have gotten to places in their career without ever really doing the work.”

He continued, “The City Girls are a byproduct of good writers, good people that put an image around them, people that branded them the City Girls. There’s nothing that the City Girls actually ever really did for their f—king selves.”

In a subsequent stream, the rapper went on to accuse Yung Miami and her groupmate JT of generating low album sales following the release of their third studio album RAW. 

On X (formerly Twitter) Yung Miami went off on the rapper for talking smack about the City Girls’ career trajectory.

“If the city girls over why a p—y n—a keep speaking on us tf! P—Y EVERY INTERVIEW!” the mother of two wrote on Oct. 29.

This isn’t the first time that Yung Miami and Akademiks have sparred online.

In 2022, the “Act Bad” artist cussed out the notorious shit starter on X after he accused the femcee of being Diddy’s sidekick on social media.

Welp, this beef shows no signs of stopping anytime soon.


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