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An Atlanta exotic dancer got fired after indirectly calling out rapper Latto’s alleged phony behavior at a club that cost her co-workers a bag.

TikToker Gorgeous Doll posted a Sstripppa Storytime” video Oct. 1, reciting her now-former colleague’s story of an incident involving Latto Saturday night. She didn’t call the rapper’s name. 

According to Gorgeous Doll and screenshots of text messages between her and the ex-colleague, Latto and her entourage threw a party at Magic City Club in Atlanta. 

She explained that artists typically used the Club to promote new releases. Latto has advertised her recent single “Issa Party,” featuring BabyDrill, which dropped Sept. 29.

After making $10,000 rain on “naked” dancers, Gorgeous Doll said the atmosphere shifted when Latto began searching for something — her wallet.

The TikToker conveyed that Latto wasn’t searching for her purse but a small wallet.

Gorgeous Doll added that the “Big Energy” rapper had a bunch of “niggas” in her section aside from the naked dancers.

Instead of Latto asking her entourage or canceling her cards, she allegedly assumed the dancers stole them and had her crew pick up every bill thrown from the floor and place them in black trash bags.

“Why does this artist tell her people, ‘These [mouths bitches] wanna play with me? I can’t find my wallet.’ She tells her people to pick up all the money on the floor!” Gorgeous said. “All the money on the floor that these girls was just dancing for…they pick up all the money. Big black trash bag.”

She added, “She proceeds to leave the club with all the money that she threw. Nobody stopped her. Nobody said anything. She said, ‘Oh, my wallet is missing?’ None of the girls took it! We all butt naked with some shoes on. And her purse was open when she was all around the club…picked the whole bag up and left the club with it. All of it!”

Gorgeous Doll reiterated she wasn’t there to witness the moment but was appalled after hearing about it.

“You meant to tell me you’re this multi-million-dollar artist. You come and celebrate your song’s release. You throw money on these girls who gotta pay their bills, take care of their families and do all of this. That is nothing to you. What this girl is shaking her tailfeather for, you wipe your [ass] with.”

Gorgeous said the incident made her lose respect for the rapper.

In a following video, Gorgeous Doll announced her employers fired her after speaking out against people taking advantage of dancers. She was disappointed that her colleagues didn’t have her back, precisely the person who told her the story.

Gorgeous posted part three of the account, informing her viewers that the same worker who confirmed the story turned treacherous, warning people on Live not to play in her “bitch face,” meaning Latto.

“Are you going to tell her that you’re the one who confirmed it to me? Or do I have to post the screenshot?”

An appalled Gorgeous expressed her disappointment in the co-worker switching sides after she risked her job to defend the women financially impacted by Latto’s actions.

She then showed screenshots of the co-worker, under White Russian, confirming the story over text after Gorgeous told her she would make a video about it.

One text message showed Gorgeous confronting White Russian about switching up on TikTok Live.

“[You] talkin’ about ‘stop playing on [your] b—h name’ like [you] wasn’t the one to confirm that they took the money. That’s crazy to me,” she texted.

The ex-colleague explained she never blamed Latto for the incident and accused Gorgeous of being messy.

Gorgeous, ultimately, decided to block her.

Another text read that Latto paid them back, but the amount wasn’t disclosed nor confirmed.

Latto hasn’t released a statement regarding the matter but posted a photo of a bunch of cash with the caption, “And buy a new wallet, lmao.”

Presumably, it was the cash she retrieved from the club’s floor.

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