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Madonna and Britney really started some mess. Surely, by now, you’ve noticed that in the past few years award shows, performances and just regular celebrity appearances have been plagued with tacky, sloppy kisses. Some of them are spontaneous while others are staged. But just because they’ve been orchestrated, doesn’t mean that they’re easy to stomach. They’re quite gross, actually. Check out the most heinous offenses and let us know if you loathe these celeb kiss as much as we do.

Fantasia and Jamie Foxx

Jamie Foxx and Fantasia performing together sounds like a treat…in theory. Both can sing and always put on a good show; yet they took it way too far with this slimy kiss they shared at the 2006 BET awards. I could have gone with it as a part of the performance had it not been for that string of spit that hung in the air after their lips had parted. Watching the video will make you cover your mouth in mild repulsion.

The Full Halle Berry and Jamie Foxx Make-Out Session
Get More: The Full Halle Berry and Jamie Foxx Make-Out Session

Halle Berry and Jamie Foxx at the Spike TV Awards

In all seriousness, sometimes I wonder if Halle is really alright. Some of the things she does cause me to wonder. But that’s a theory I’ll save for someone else. This kiss she shared with Jamie Foxx was one of those eyebrow raising moments for me. Now, Halle has been known to push the envelope when it comes to her sexuality in movie roles and what not; but here she took that provocativeness to an all new level. It’s one thing to kiss a fellow celebrity in public but it’s an entirely different thing to be grabbing crotches on stages. It’s just so classless and you’re better than that Halle.

You can’t see the actual crotch grab in the video (just Jamie’s flinch); but if you don’t believe me, check out the evidence below.

Shemar Moore and Random Fan

This fan on the Ellen show got an opportunity to make out with Young and the Restless star Shemar Moore after correctly guessing which set of abs were his. A peck would have been sufficient but Shemar kept pushing and the random fan, who could have had halitosis for all we know, surely wasn’t backing down. It went on forever and even Ellen had to give the two a “what the hell?!?” look. Maybe we could excuse Shemar if this were the first time he went out of his way to make out with a stranger; but it isn’t. This right here is why so many people, men and women alike, find the brotha so obnoxious. He just looks like he’s trying too hard at all times.


J and White Jay

Unfortunately, or fortunately you’ll have to watch the entire episode to see this kiss in its entirety. While I was happy to see that J picked White Jay; (Fred was playin’.) the kiss they shared to solidify the fact that they were on the same page, was just so…not romantic. Painful even. J said that they would have to work on it. True dat.

If you want to relive the finale, take a look below: (The awkward kiss is around the 15:00 min mark.)

Terrence and Rocsi

These two are pretty much lame everyday on the show, so it really doesn’t surprise me that they would try to jump on the award show kiss bandwagon just to try to be a part of the conversation. And we’re talking about them, so it worked. I’m sure kissing wasn’t too much of a stretch for these two, considering they probably had a thang going on at one point in time.

Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie

Maybe it wasn’t Britney and Madonna who started the kissing trend but Michael and Lisa. The kiss they shared at the 1994 MTV Awards was just so forced there was no way that anybody believed that these two were actually having sex. Lisa looks hella uncomfortable at the end. Maybe because she was kissing her man in public or maybe because they never got down like that at home…

Virgin Diaries First Kiss

I’ve never seen this show. I’d never even heard of it until TLC released this trailer. The whole premise of the show is that they follow couples who’ve decided to wait until they’re married to have sex. Nothing really new there. But this couple took it a step further and decided not to kiss each other until their wedding day. To each their own…but what should have been a joyous moment for their friends and family was downright cringing. This is more reminiscent of gobbling than it is kissing. Luckily, they have video proof that they need to work on it, so they have the rest of their married lives to tone it down a little bit and get it right.

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