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Erykah Badu was cooler than a fan when she responded to DJ Akademik’s downright disrespectful internet rant on Aug. 9.

According to the infamous media star’s misogynistic tirade, Akademiks was ticked off with Erykah for comparing him to Jerry, the little mouse from Tom & Jerry, during her 2017 interview on Complex’s Everyday Struggle show.

On Tuesday, the unbothered Soul queen took to Instagram to address the DJ’s fiery diatribe, and she looked like she could care less about it.

“I learned something so valuable today, fam. You have to really be careful what you think and what you say out here,” the “Tyrone” hitmaker began. “I learned today that something I said five years ago in jest when we all laughed actually triggered someone’s really deep-rooted trauma. They kept it bottled up for a while, and it hurt them so bad, it had them out in these streets acting real pussy.”

In her subtle yet fierce clap back at Akademiks, the “Window Seat” singer seized the opportunity to make a few coins.

“And in honor of that, Let’s go! Badu Pussy. On sale today, 5 p.m.,” the star said as she flashed a pack of her fast-selling incense toward the camera. “You know it’s rare and limited supply….they be talking about it everywhere, now you can smell it. Peace!” she added.

Badu came out on top, too. Her limited edition incense sold out within seconds. It also featured a picture of Tom & Jerry on the front to further spite the infamous vlogger. On her Badu World Market website, a promo for the hilarious item reads,” In honor of the biggest pussy in our culture, we’re introducing this limited edition premium incense—cause he deserves it!”

We know Akademiks is probably somewhere punching the air right now.

During his silly internet rant on Tuesday, DJ Akademiks was discussing the news of Tory Lanez’s 10-year prison sentence when the topic of Badu came up. A fan watching his lame livestream commented, “Erykah Badu, work your magic,” which triggered the podcaster.

DJ Akademics said he was still butt hurt over Erykah Badu’s Jerry Joke. The trolling media star claimed he waited 5 years to let the singer know how he truly felt about her wisecrack on the Everday Struggle show.

“Erykah Badu… Let me tell you this. You keep my name out your mouth too. … That Everyday Struggle shit was another era, my n***a,” the media troll said.

“I never fucked with Erykah Badu after she came on my show and she was trying to be funny. Bitch I don’t f**** with you after that. N***a, what’s up now? What we finna do? You an old-ass hoe who just keep getting f****** by all these young n****s. What’s popping. … B**** came in here waving all type of wands and shit, I’m trying to be nice to you, then I realized oh you was trying to play me like I’m some clown. B***** f*** you, n***a. How many rappers ran through you, n***a? How many young rappers you chase, trying to f*** them too?”

Further along in his stupid rant, the former rapper called the R&B titan a C** rag and a “ran-through b****.” He also accused the singer of trying to sleep with the late XXXTentacion. “Three n***** done f***** you, you got kids by three rappers, you an old b****,” the putrid vlogger added.

Black Twitter gathered DJ Akademiks over his Everyday Struggle meltdown.

Black Twitter united in full force after Akademiks’ rant went viral, and some users thought the Badu’s Jerry comparison was spot on. Other netizens warned the podcaster to keep the Neo-Soul queen’s name out of his crusty mouth.

We agree.

Akademiks better straighten up and fly right because Ms. Badu’s tea and incense can turn into a Colt 45 and a pack of Newports. REAL QUICK!

Check out a few reactions below.

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