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Social media users are sharing mixed reactions about a skit that looked a little too real on Instagram.

On June 26, an Instagram comedian named Ben Da Biggest uploaded a video of a skit where he played a thirsty guy attempting to hit on his hot lesbian “homegirl,” but some netizens couldn’t decipher whether the video was real or a complete joke.

One scene in the short video captured Ben trying to make a few inappropriate passes at aspiring rapper Fyh Snoop, who was reportedly in on the skit.

“You thick as fuck. You got a sports bra up underneath there?” Ben Da Biggest jokingly asks Snoop as they are sitting playing video games on a couch with a group of friends. Then, the skit quickly pans to Ben and his lesbian homie partying at the popular Beyond Brunch Sundays event in Fort Lauderdale.

Snoop finds another baddie to dance with at the function, but their grinding and wining are interrupted several times by Ben Da Biggest, who wants in on the action with the ladies.

At one point, the influencer jokingly grabs Snoop’s ass, hoping she’ll let him get in on the twerking. But she pushes him off.  Ben proceeds to dance up and grind on the rapper and, at one point, pushes her head down so that he can try and get a twerk in, but she shoves him off again.

Unaware that there was a skit being filmed, attendees at the event looked uncomfortable and pissed as they watched the internet comedian force himself on the lesbian hip-hop star.

In the comments section, some users thought the skit was hilarious, but the video struck a bad nerve for a few Instagram users.

“Nah, this too disrespectful. Y’all laughing, but he done violated her SEVERAL times! #relaxiknowitscomedy. This happens in real life,” one user commented.

Another bothered viewer wrote, “You ain’t funny one bit, only horny and miserable.”

A third naysayer commented, “N—- is SEXUALLY harassing ha. Buddy going to jail.”

Folks who understood the skit got a kick out of watching Ben and Snoop bring a little comedy to some of the foolishness that really goes down in the club.

“Nahhh, you spot on, I see this in the club religiously,” another person penned.

One fan wrote, “I lost it when he pushed her head down .”

A fifth person chimed in, “Homegirl at the bar was concerned in the background.”

Art truly imitates life. What do you think? Did Ben Da Biggest take things a little too far with this skit?


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