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On May 14, Baddies West star Rollie surprised and shocked a few fans when she took to Instagram Live to reveal that she would be going under the knife for a BBL. While some fans celebrated the star’s decision, concerned netizens and former Love & Hip-Hop alum Masika Kalysha cautioned the feisty internet celeb to stay away from the procedure due to her weight.

The drama started on Sunday, when Rollie, real name Gia Mayhem, gushed about how excited she was to undergo the cosmetic surgery procedure.

“Tomorrow’s my last day for being a big girl,” the Las Vegas native told her followers. “I’m gonna be a big girl. But I’m gonna be a shapely big girl. I’ve always wanted this shape. And it’s basically like a pear-shaped BBW. So, small at the top, big at the bottom.”

Rollie reassured her fans that she would take care of herself post-opp to ensure for the best results and a safe recovery.

“I’m going to get my drainage. I’m gonna get my massages; my boo told me to at least get three massages a day so that way I’ll be comfortable, and there wouldn’t be build-up, fluid and stuff like that. But Goal’s Surgery here in Atlanta is most definitely about to do they job,” she added.



After The Neighborhood Talk reposted Rollie’s video, Masika Kalysha and an army of concerned Instagram users pled with the Baddies West star to think twice about the procedure due to her high body mass index, or “BMI. ”

“Wait…. This ain’t safe or smart. You’re BMI gotta be under a certain # to safely perform this and most cosmetic procedures, “ the model wrote underneath a video of Rollie having her BBL done under a local anesthetic. “It’s supposed to be between 18-25. Girl, don’t risk it boo! And what TF doctor would perform this procedure on her? SMH.”

Several users chimed in agreeance with Kalysha.

“She not wrong!” wrote one user. “Most doctors have restrictions and BMI limits for a reason, and states have liter limits for a minute too.”

Another worried Instagram user added, “Masika usually talk outta turn, but she right this time, love Rollie, ion want her to risk it.”

Some fans and one medical professional rushed in to defend Rollie’s BBL

A user, who claimed to be a surgeon assistant, said it was safer for the reality TV star to have the procedure done under local anesthesia due to her size.

“Recovery time is faster than it would be with General anesthesia, and the risk of a patient having complications during the procedure is reduced,” the medical professional penned.

“The problem with general anesthesia with a patient who has a high BMI is that it could be difficult to wake the patient back up, or the bayonet BP can drop, which could result in a medical emergency. So this is waaay more safer.”

The surgeon assistant added that due to Rollie’s size, she may not get the result that she was looking for. “A high BMI means way more fat content,” the professional noted. “Due to regulation, only 4 liters can be removed in the USA.”

Another supporter slammed internet haters for stirring fear in Rollie before her procedure.

“I don’t know why people just couldn’t keep quiet until after she was off the table. What’s not safe is so many people’s negative thoughts on such a “unsafe” moment, but I’m glad God was with her. She’s happy let her enjoy it,” they wrote.

The BMI debate appears to be mixed in the plastic surgery community.

Some doctors often require that their patients have a BMI of 18 to 30 to safely conduct the procedure. Dr. Earle from Pure Plastic Surgery in Miami says that patients who have a higher BMI are at risk of developing critical complications such as clots, infection, and wound healing issues post-surgery.


On the other hand, celebrity plastic surgeon Dr. Mimai argues that BMI isn’t a useful tool for measuring whether a candidate is healthy to go under the knife because some patients can have the exact same BMI but look completely different.

Well, Rollie wasn’t tripping off the criticism. After her surgery, the influencer took to Instagram to slam Masika for commenting on her BBL.

On her Instagram page, she also shared photos of her results and told fans that she would be getting a tummy tuck and her back done next.

“Y’all follow the rest on @thezeusnetwork since y’all wanna talk. Now y’all gotta pay to follow the rest of my surgery journey,” she scoffed.

Take a look at Rollie’s results below. How do you think it turned out?


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