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Conservative pundit Candace Owens took to Twitter and her podcast to spew invidious vitriol regarding the tragic homicide of homeless New Yorker Jordan Neely. Users on the social media platform lit her up. 

On May 4, Owens posted her response to the murder on Youtube and Twitter to opine that Neely’s death was justified even though he hadn’t threatened violence and was unarmed on a New York subway.

“I Have No Sympathy For Jordan Neely” was the title of the video she filmed in London as she awaited Prince Charles’ coronation.

“Right out of the gate, we need to bring back insane asylums. I feel very strongly that we need to bring back insane asylums,” she began the video. Owens then warned viewers who may have been empathetic to Neely’s plight that “this episode wasn’t” for them.

Then, the foolishness began. 

“You tell me. Is this the new George Floyd? Is Jordan Neely the new George Floyd? It seems that way. People are feeling a lot toward what happened to him.”

She continued her imbecilic rant about the deceased homeless man. 

“A crazy person, 30-year-old Jordan Neely, steps on to the subway, and he says that he doesn’t care if he gets arrested. He doesn’t care if he goes to prison. And he doesn’t care if he dies.”

And to vilify and dehumanize Neely, Owens mentioned that he had been arrested 42 times “over the last ten years.” 

Regarding the white trash Marine who reportedly put the homeless man in a chokehold as a “hero,” she continued her thought.

“A veteran stepped up and put this man in a chokehold because… I don’t know. What do you think happens on a subway when a crazy person enters and says they don’t care what happens to them? It’s terrifying. It’s absolutely terrifying. I’ve been in those circumstances when you’re confronted by someone who is a crazy person,” recalling out loud that she lived in New York for “seven years.”

Owens then showed her boorish, dense ass again, opining, “The idea that homeless people are just suffering. And all they want is some food is complete and utter bullshit, okay? In these circumstances, you are dealing with a person that’s nine out of ten times drug-addled maniacs. They didn’t end up in the streets because they just couldn’t pay their rent.”


For the record, no report confirmed that Neely was a drug addict.

She went on to say homeless people didn’t deserve empathy or compassion but that they should be feared. 

While most of the people on the train claimed he was yelling, Owens found the one Spanish-speaking old, white Latino who said he was afraid when interviewed by a news outlet. 

Instead of stating the facts, Owens spewed a plethora of “He could’ve had.”

But Neely didn’t. 

She then propounded that the terroristic white Marine who allegedly murdered Neely would be considered a racist when he “heroically” saved a train full of people from the wicked, homeless Black man. 

She took her bullshit to Twitter and sounded off again on May 4.

Mental illness is not an excuse to behave violently in public. 

Please note that if you cannot contain your ‘illness’ and you behave violently around me and/or my children, I will do my absolute best to put you in a chokehold,” she captioned the tweet. 


In the comments section, Twitter users let her have it.


On the heels of Neely’s tragic murder, New York City’s punk-ass mayor, Eric Adams, appeared on CNN to downplay the man’s homicide calling it death by “compression of neck.”

The former pig also said it was irresponsible to express that the man was murdered. 

Owens’ dog-whistling rhetoric is par for the course. In October, the perennial donkey rocked a “White Lives Matter” tee supporting Kanye West’s bullshit. 

The 34-year-old conservative pundit’s hateful and disgusting disdain for Black people has been both polarizing and dangerous. Being the proverbial lap bitch for right-wing whites almost always comes back to bite folks in the ass. And her day soon come.  

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