This Women’s History Month, we’re reflecting on the achievements of women and how far we’ve come. Though sexism and the gender pay gap are still very real, more women than ever are breadwinners, homeowners and entrepreneurs in the United States. The playing field is surely shifting.


Ervin poses a question to the group. “What’s the value of a woman’s touch in any male-dominated industry?”

Woo says that women offer a different perspective. “Women bring sensibility. We see things that men don’t see. We’re more delicate with things than men are.”

Miss taps into the idea of a woman’s nurturing side, especially as mothers, and how that can be valuable in the workplace. “We nurture projects, we nurture people. If you’re a boss, you nurture your staff,” she says. “I have a son, so when I look at people I’m still looking at people like they’re someone’s child, not just necessarily how much money they can make me.”

Bautista says that feminine energy is necessary to balance any environment. “A woman’s perspective is needed. Women always approach things differently than men do,” he says. “The energy just shifts in the room when a woman walks in. It balances things.”

Ervin notes that feminine energy is advantageous in cultivating connection, which is beneficial even in a business environment. “I feel like that overload of testosterone can dampen down the ability to emotionally connect with… clients and your consumer base,” she says. “It’s not all about facts and figures. It’s about the ability to emotionally connect with whoever you’re trying to reach out to.”

Woo asks Bautista, “From a male perspective, do you feel that women displaying emotions in the workplace is a sign of weakness?”

“It’s not a weakness, it’s actually a strength,” he says. “And you need that different perspective in the workplace. You can’t have it be too one-sided.”

Woo adds that a woman’s touch is powerful especially in industries that rely on social dynamics. “At the end of the day, you’re dealing with people. We’re all human beings… So that sensibility is important,” she says.

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