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My grandma, a tiny and round, loud mouth woman with a backwoods accent, grew up in a time in the south where people really knew in their soul that the spirit world was true. She passed down to us snips of wisdom from her ancestors who knew one day Black people would need to reconnect with our magic and the earth. 

If a thunderstorm was going on, my grandma shushed us until we were quiet. She said, making noises during a storm would interfere with the lord’s work. Hallelujah!  In her childhood, she watched evil spirits go into houses and begged her granddaughters to keep broomsticks by our doorways to scare them away from us. Just like many other matriarchs of Black families in the deep south, my grandma looked to her dreams for signs, symbols, and messages to help guide her through her day. Different symbols meant different things on different days. But If my grandma dreamed of fish, she knew someone close to her was sure to be pregnant.

As a psychic who communicates with the spirit world often, I have seen how our dreams can bring us messages of clarity, can show us the path to our healing, and can equip us with strategies for our liberation. From Feb. 19 to March 20, we enter into the energy of Pisces which encourages us all to dive into the inner depths of ourselves and explore the messages of our dream world.

Known as the dreamer, the zodiac sign Pisces is also represented by fish. Didn’t our divine elders say when there is fish, there is birth? In this season, our dreams are the portals to new realities for ourselves. We just have to be willing and open to receive and decipher the messages coming in. 

Pisces is ruled by the element of water. In tarot card divination, water is linked to our emotions. Pisces, who loves swimming in and out of deep emotional feelings, is not afraid of diving into the depths of themselves. This sign, along with Gemini, Virgo and Sagittarius, is mutable meaning Pisces has the ability to adapt to situations and change form.  

When we align ourselves to the energy of Pisces season, we bring forth the ability to connect deeply with ourselves. This is the time to tap into those magical spaces that allow us to expand and create realities where we are thriving and full of joy. When we are dreaming, we are in that space. 


Tapping into your dreamspace 

To birth something is to bring it forth. The energy of Pisces season supports us in our deep imaginative and healing work. Tapping into that energy could look like birthing into our existence the resources we need to launch ourselves deeper into our wholeness and closer to our liberation. I deeply believe if you can see it happening in your dreams during Pisces season, who says it cannot become reality? 

Here are some ways to connect with your dreamspace during our time in the sign of Pisces to connect deeper with ourselves. 


Set an intention. 

To be able to set an intention you must state what it is that you want to happen. Do you want to hear what your ancestors have to tell you, ask for that. Do you want to know if there is a remedy for the grief you’ve been feeling, ask! Do you want to feel what it would be like to be surrounded by genuine love, ask to be shown that before making the journey into the dream-space. 

In her book, Sassafrass, Cypress & Indigo: A Novel, the great Ntozake Shange wrote; “Where this is women, there is magic.” It’s important to note that nothing truly can happen if you don’t believe it can happen. The reality is, you don’t have to search hard to figure out where your magic is. If you can breathe, you are performing magic.  

You being alive and breathing in this air is proof that you are MAGIC. Without breath, we would not be able to exist. Nothing can happen if you don’t acknowledge the truth that you are already magical.  


Write it down.  

What good is it to dream up messages for your healing and not remember what was said to you? A great way to remember what you dreamed of is to write it all down as soon as you wake up. It doesn’t have to make sense at the moment! Writing down what you have seen, heard, felt, or even tasted helps you later with analyzing the answers in your dream space. 


Let our dreams be our guides 

You might not actually be dreaming of fish during pisces season, but it is still a time to birth new opportunities for yourself. Our dreamspaces are filled with potential for our futures during this time. If you are someone already attuned to the symbols and signs of this world, prepared for an overflow of messages. The sign of Pisces embodies  our emotional depths and the mysteries of the mystic. In this season, let our dreams be our guides into exploring that world and its answers. 





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Distinguish the difference between your boundaries and your walls. One is created as a way to support ourselves and our growth and the other ain’t. You may operate in ways that shield you from disappointment, but is constantly having your walls up keeping you trapped? Are you truly open to new experiences and realities or are you just guarded and thinking the worst will happen every damn time?

Let’s be honest, this is energy that is stuck. Shift and move that anxiety by setting the intention this season to ask for the courage to let that shit go. Carve out the time to ask yourself, what would it take for me to release what is holding me back?

Self- preservation is important to survival but we have to experience life as more than just bodies. You deserve to feel all of the things, without fear. Let a little bit of those walls down boo. 



MN Horoscopes, Aries

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You do deserve rest, but are you actually going to take it? Are you really going to sit your behind down and relax? Or are you going to keep pushing yourself past your limit? 

In her song Seek & Destroy, Sza talks about being too tired and drained. She sings in the song, “You, push me past my own capacity, boy. Permission to crash, collecting damages, boy.” Aries, are you going to give yourself the permission to take a break, when you know you are burned out? It doesn’t serve you to be worn out or a martyr. Take the break now. 


MN Horoscopes, Taurus

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You are worth every damn penny you want to spend on yourself. This season calls on you to pour into yourself. Dive deep into pampering yourself and spending. The spending doesn’t have to be money based although taking yourself out for a nice meal is a treat you deserve. You can spend time caring for your body through movement, spend time with people who uplift you, or spend time diving into a really good show on Netflix. The key is to spend the majority of your time in Pisces season on self care. Taking care of yourself in this way you are able to restore to  charge towards your passions. Remember all the love and energy you pour into other people, you got to give to yourself too. Loving yourself is just as important as loving others. 



MN Horoscopes, Gemini

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It’s time to call your power back from people, places, and things that do not support you. You are too much of a magnificent, brillant, and powerful being to continue to align yourself to energy that is doubtful, inconsistent, and inconsiderate. You do not have to prove your worth to anybody. Stop this! Reconnect yourself to you. Stop allowing people to sleep on yourself. Stop putting your self worth into the hands of others. It is the time to  understand your value for yourself. 

In Pisces season, mirror affirmations might be the healing tool for you to affirm your worth and value. Start with a phrase that uplifts you. Try saying ‘I am a valuable and beautiful person” and see how that feels.



MN Horoscopes, Cancer

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You are offering too much of yourself to spaces that don’t serve you. It’s time to break up with that person, leave those friend groups, and find new supportive spaces. The thing is, you already know what is working and what is not. You are actively making a decision to stick around. Why is that? Do you think this is all the world has to offer? It ain’t. There are a whole lot of people and opportunities in this world. There is no need to settle for relationships that are barely feeding you when you could have a full plate of thriving and loving connections. 



MN Horoscopes, Leo

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It’s time to scale down a bit this season sweet Leo to make space for rest. You have very innovative ideas and creative plans but do you actually have the capacity to get it all done at this moment? Leo, have a habit of putting more on your plate than you can handle. I know you have the capability to complete projects differently. I just urge you to pace them in a way that does NOT deplete your energy. Set deadlines that don’t cause you to rush through to finish. 


MN Horoscopes, virgo

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Let someone else take the lead during this Pisces season. What would benefit you the most Virgo is to sit back and allow others to show up for you. You have a collective of people around you who care and love you. Are you willing to let them care and tend to you? Are you open to receiving back the same type of love you give out? Challenge yourself to allow space for other people to help you. You don’t have to do everything by yourself. You got people that want to be by your side. 



MN Horoscopes, libra

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Libra, pat yourself on the back.You have been practicing giving yourself grace and deeply caring for yourself. Be proud of the process you made and keep moving forward. You’ve been creating waves of change by practicing self care daily. Keep becoming someone who deeply loves themselves. Remember where you were last year with loving yourself? You have shifted from being at work with yourself to being someone who loves themselves deeply. Be proud of you. 



MN Horoscopes, Scorpio

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Sometimes a plan has to be remade. If things are not working out, grant yourself the flexibility to change what needs to be changed when it needs to be changed. Don’t get so caught up in sticking to a certain plan. Most times there are multiple paths to a destination. The one you start on isn’t necessarily the one you’re gonna end up on. You can keep the same goals for yourself, but it’s time to switch out the tools you want to use to get there. Be open to switching things up. 



MN Horoscopes, Sagittarius

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You are the one to push for the change to happen. Your voice, your experiences, your magic is needed. No one else is going to jump in to solve this because spirit is pushing you to do so. Look in the mirror! It is you, not anyone else, to do this. Ask for the courage to walk the path that is laid out for you. Do not run away. You are being called to do this. And yes you can do it! 


MN Horoscopes

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You are giving too much energy to your anxiety and not enough towards staying grounded. Seek out support around what is bothering you instead of bottling it up. You do not have to figure it all out yourself. Your anxiety encourages you to lean into the parts of yourself that interrupts all of the work you have done to heal. You are not alone. Communicate clearly what your needs are and watch the support come raining in. 


MN Horoscopes, Aquarius

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You do deserve love and care Aquarius. Your fear of being loved fully interferes with your ability to accept love from those who do. This is self sabotage. Honesty is the only way you can combat this. You love to move in secrecy Aquarius because it protects you from outside influences. Accept that not everyone is out to get you or looking to harm you. If you do not think that you deserve to be loved, you will not be open to being loved. Try being fully transparent with those you trust around you about your feelings around love. Give them the chance to show you how much they care for you.


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Demetria Blooms is a Black Queer healer & medicine maker living and blooming in the U.S. South. As a storyteller, she has worked with communities, newsrooms, and organizations to amplify their voice through creative content.

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