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Black women are running for public office and hopefully more black women will continue to run for public office. This year is historic in politics, particularly for Black people. We’ve seen it over the course of several years. Politicians and elected officials wield enormous authority. The ability to make judgments that affect both Americans and especially Black people. It is critical to understand the significance of voting, particularly, who you are voting for. When it comes to candidates, you should ask yourself, “What does this individual stand for?” “Will this person help make the change that is so desperately needed?”

We’ve recently observed a big shift in the number of young people registering to vote. Young voters are vital in all elections, and it is fundamental that they understand how important their voice is. There have been various campaigns to increase voter registration. However, it is equally significant to enlighten Black voters of all ages about who is currently participating in the 2022 elections.

A record number of Black women are running for governor in 2022, according to CNN. According to the Center for American Women, more than a dozen Black women have filed for governor, the most ever in a U.S. race. If a Black woman is elected governor, she will be the first Black woman to do it, which is a tremendous accomplishment. There are also numerous Black women running for public office, including governorships, Congress, Senate and other elected offices.

To keep you up-to-date and informed, here is a list of some of the Black women running for public office that you should know!

1) Stacey Abrams (D)


Stacey Abrams, an American politician, attorney, advocate for voting rights, and author, served as minority leader in the Georgia House of Representatives from 2011 to 2017. She was a member of the Georgia House from 2007 to 2017. Abrams, a Democrat, established Fair Fight Action in 2018, a group that works to combat voter suppression. Abram is competing against Brian Kemp for Georgia governor (R).


2) Aramis Ayala (D)


Aramis Ayala is a humanitarian, former Florida State Attorney, cancer survivor, and civil rights activist who has devoted her life to seeking justice. Her parents instilled the value of hard work, faith, and duty in her from an early age. She is a mother, wife, and the daughter of a Vietnam War veteran. She is the first Black State Attorney in Florida and a vehement opponent of the death penalty. Ayala is running for Attorney General of Florida.

3) Cheri Beasley (D)


Her first job was as a judge and public defender. Cheri rose to the position of Chief Justice of the North Carolina Supreme Court in 2019, being the first African American woman to hold the position. Cheri has always upheld the law and kept communities safe in her capacity as a judge, regardless of the political climate.

Cheri safeguarded our constitutional rights and upheld the rule of law during her tenure as an official. In order to keep pupils in the classroom and out of the courtroom, she collaborated with educators and law enforcement to make schools strong and safe. As Chief Justice, she gave court employees paid family leave to assist them care for their families and succeed at work. Cheri is a candidate for the U.S. Senate.

4) Chelsea Clark (D)


Chelsea Clark is a city councilwoman, a sixth-generation farmer, and a single mother. Running for Secretary of State of Ohio. She will strive to ensure that everyone has the right to vote, that every vote is tallied, and that our elections are safe and secure. She will reduce red tape and help small businesses in Ohio create jobs. She is a mother, elected politician, and entrepreneur who understands how critical it is to have leaders who understand how to balance difficult issues, prioritize people before politics, and establish a level playing field.

5) Deidre DeJear (D)


DeJear has dedicated her life to serving her community and that is what she will do as Governor starting on day one. Deidre was born in Jackson, Mississippi, and as a child moved with her family to Oklahoma. At eight years old, Deidre’s mother passed away shortly after giving birth to her younger sister. Overcoming this adversity at such a young age and seeing her dad be present for her and her siblings shaped who Deidre is today. Having her life turned upside down taught her to value life, value people and relationships, and how to overcome any hurdle thrown her way.

6) U.S. Rep. Val Demings (D)


Congresswoman Val Demings represents Florida’s 10th Congressional District in the U.S. House of Representatives. Rep. Demings is a lifelong public servant who broke numerous glass ceilings in her rise through the Orlando Police Department and her election to Congress.

Today, she works on the House Judiciary, Homeland Security, and Intelligence Committees. In 2020, she broke another glass ceiling and continued her career as a guardian of the law when she became one of the first women and one of the first Black Americans to prosecute a presidential impeachment before the U.S. Senate.


7) Yolanda Flowers (D)


Yolanda Rochelle Robinson-Flowers comes from a humble, dedicated family of hard-working parents. She was born at The Holy Family Hospital in Birmingham, Alabama in 1961. She grew up thinking Birmingham was a magical town, hence the nickname “The Magic City.” Mr. and Mrs. McConnell Robinson instilled in her and her siblings the value of hard labor, the importance of family, and the love of the church and neighbors.

For many years, she served as a Speech, Language, and Pathologist Assistant in the Blount County and Alcoa City school systems. She returned to Birmingham and worked as a full-time substitute teacher in the Birmingham City School System from 2016 to 2019. Yolanda Flowers is the Democratic candidate for Governor of Alabama.

8) Deirdre Gilbert (I)


Deirdre Gilbert was instrumental in the formation of the first chapter of attorneys in the states of Louisiana and Virginia who have hired lobbyists to handle NMMAA’s (National Medical Malpractice Advocacy Association) legislative demands. Deirdre has tirelessly worked with The Government Accountability Project, The Black Heritage Society, Greater Houston Coalition for Justice, Make It Safe Campaign, The National Association for Probate Reform & Advocacy, and many more. Deirde Gilbert is running for Governor of Texas.

9) Krystle Matthews (D)


Matthews ran for her first political position in 2018 knowing no one on either side of the aisle. She understood she wanted to represent working people who had not been polished or educated in politics but were deeply dissatisfied with the existing political atmosphere. She was inspired to run for politics because she believes that people who look like her and come from similar circumstances are frequently the most affected and least heard. She has been a Statehouse advocate for women and girls, veterans’ problems, economic development, and infrastructure. Krystle Matthews is running for the United States Senate.


10) Beverly Miles (D)


Beverly Miles is a lifetime resident of Chicago’s West Garfield neighborhood. She is a certified nurse with a double master’s degree and over 20 years of nursing experience. Beverly Miles also helped to protect our great country by joining the United States Army as a second Lieutenant in 1999 and retiring as a Major in 2014.

She returned to the community where she was raised after her military retirement, and quickly became involved in community activities such as people-on-people violence, police misconduct against civilians, participating in literacy campaigns, and feeding the risk during the COVID-19 pandemic. Beverly Miles is a candidate for Mayor of Chicago.

11) Angela Underwood Jacobs (D)


Angela Underwood Jacobs is a proud mother of two, wife of 31 years, former Criminal Justice Commissioner and City Councilwoman, presently Deputy Mayor, and businesswoman. She believes that California is a great place to live which is why so many call it home; however, it has become unaffordable, forcing many to make hard choices. Working families, senior citizens, and veterans are facing high taxes, soaring living expenses, and a government enacting laws without its people’s best interests at heart. Angela Underwood Jacobs is running to be the first African American woman to serve as California’s Lieutenant Governor.

12) Natalie James (D)


Natalie wants to take her commitment, dedication, grit, advocacy for justice and equality for all to the Nation’s Capitol. As a U.S. Senator, she will use her position to support values such as expanding access to affordable health care, advocating for a living wage, supporting legislation that ends big money in politics, move our nation forward on addressing the climate crisis, support legislation that will invest in our public education system, all while restoring hope and trust in our government. Natalie James is running for U.S Senate.

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