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Destiny has man problems, Keke makes a confession and Latisha and Destiny bond—over their common enemy. If season 5 of Love and Marriage: Huntsville had a theme song, it would be Silk The Shocker’s “It Aint My Fault.” Lack of accountability is apparent in episode 8 when folks refuse to take responsibility for their actions. Instead, they perform mental acrobatics that leave us asking, where is Iyanla Vanzant when we need her? Let’s get into it. 


Dinner With A Smidge of Sexism

LaTisha and Destiny meet for dinner. When asked how her relationship is going, Destiny reveals some trouble in paradise. Her long-distance lover Moses is perturbed because she never cooks when she comes to visit. He “isn’t sure if she can cook” because he has only seen her prepare food on FaceTime. What in the 1956 is going on here? 

The single mother says she performs domestic duties on a daily basis, so she wants to relax during her short visits with her man. The last thing anyone should be expected to do is prepare a meal after getting off a flight—travel is exhausting. Moses should hire a maid and Destiny should come up with other ways to accrue frequent flier miles.

LaTisha changes the subject to Melody Holt. Tisha fills Destiny in on The Comeback Group dinner. Mrs. Scott believes Melody isn’t taking responsibility for her role in the ongoing feud between the Scotts and the Holts.

Hello Pot, meet Kettle. 

She goes on to ask destiny if Melody apologized for her role in the grand opening melee. The MaDonni beauty owner said she received an apology from Martell but had not heard from his ex-wife. It’s odd that she expects an apology from Melody but not from Miss Wanda— the one who actually incited violence in front of her establishment. Sis is really committed to disliking Melody. 


A Meeting With Mark

Marsau and Maurice sit down with her older brother, Mark to talk about his social media debauchery.  His younger brothers tell him he’s going way too far with the Instagram lives. Big Bro ain’t trying to hear it. He circumvented responsibility by saying someone asked him a question about Miss Vanessa on a live video and he simply answered it. He failed to mention the other times he talked about having a relationship with Melody’s mother. According to Mark, Miss Van is denying their former relationship to “save church face.” He continued to plead his case by saying that mama “paid for plane rides“ for him.

Trying to make Miss Van look bad by exposing their fling says more about Mark than it ever will about her.


A Wanda-Vention 


LaTisha and Marsau confront Miss Wanda about Her reckless social media behavior. The foul mouthed grandmother defended herself by saying she only talked about Melody’s baby daddy because Melody talked about her baby daddy—even though her baby daddy is like 70-years-old.

Miss Wanda is referring to the time when Melody revealed LaTisha’s dad has been sliding up in her DM’s. It still doesn’t warrant starting a rumor about the paternity of a toddler. Miss Wanda continued to use that tired excuse to justify harassing Melody on the ‘Gram.  

When her daughter and son-in-law ask her to chill out with the Insta-thugging, Miss Wanda simply said:  “Don’t talk about me and I won’t talk about you.“

Welp, Tisha and Marsau tried. 


It’s (Not)A Family Affair 

Melody receives a visit from her friend Keke.  The two women discuss the debacle that was Destiny’s grand opening party. Melody also fills her in on the dinner with the six original cast members. Although Melody says dinner mostly went well, she was annoyed that LaTisha pretended to be oblivious to her mother’s antics. Keke agrees.

Keke is LaTisha’s cousin and a spitting image of her Aunt Wanda, but blood clearly isn’t thicker than water when it comes to these relatives. 

Keke recounts the time when Marsau tried to “blackmail” her. We saw this moment in a previous season when Keke was about to say something the Scott’s clearly didn’t want us to hear. Tisha immediately started crying and Marsau become loud and agressive while threatening to “air it out right now.”

The Wanda doppelgänger immediately recoiled, it was a clear indication that she didn’t want her business in these streets—until now. Kiki admitted she was once addicted to prescription painkillers. In the midst of her addiction, she made decisions she isn’t proud of, including stealing medication from others. 

She was fresh out of rehab when she first appeared on the show. Marsau is lower than a snake’s belly for holding this secret over her head. He should be concerned now that she has nothing to hide. Kudos to Keke for her sobriety and for freeing herself from the bondage of shame.

Love And Marriage Huntsville airs on Saturdays at 8 PM EST on the OWN network.

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